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A quick update on the status of our two monthly columns - Word Bytes and Write.Minds.Write.Matters. Both Allusir and Alexis are on a hiatus. Allusir got married a couple of months back and has since been trying to catch up on his writings. Alexis, on the other hand, has just landed a job in a new city, and thus stopped writing for now until she .

Both have promised to resume their columns as soon as they can. Stay tune!

每月專欄《Word Bytes》和《Write.Minds.Write.Matters》的最新消息

Allusir和Alexis目前都處於休假狀態。幾個月前剛結婚的Allusir目前正努力把因籌備婚宴而擱置的工作早日完成。另一方面,剛搬遷到新城市的Alexis只能暫時停止寫作,專心讓自己的新生活新工作能早日上軌道。 兩位作者都承諾會儘快恢復專欄。敬請期待!!

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