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A monthly column by Alexis of her thoughts on things that matters to her. It may be funny, serious, both, neither or some combinations of those. "My thoughts are my own - the only thing I really own."

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[ Translated Chinese version here 中文翻譯在此 ]

“ Aren’t you afraid of ghosts since you live alone? ”

As someone who has been living on her own for most of her adult life, my answer is no, not really. I don’t panic or get scared when things go bump in the night. Most of the time I would either figure out scientifically what made the noise or the noise would never register on my radar in the first place because I am a pretty heavy sleeper.

One of the reasons for my nonchalant attitude is maybe because according to the Chinese astrological concepts, I’m fairly “Yang” (陽氣旺) and “heavy” (八字算重的). My Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (天干地支) are mostly “Yang” and thus spirits are apparently less likely to come near me since I am too “sunny” for them. Also, my Eight Characters (八字) are supposedly fairly “heavy”, so I am said to be less susceptible or sensitive to the presence of spirits. But if you ask me, I think the main reason why I am not fearful of these spirits is because I have been principled and conscientious these past forty-odd years. I have no fear because I know I did nothing wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in the existence of ghosts, spirits or “good brothers” as I believe that we have souls. And once our body dies, our soul is free, either to roam or go to the place it is supposed to go. I just do not believe that these “good brothers” are full of mischief or malice. Still roaming this plain in their spectral form instead of going to wherever they were supposed to go, spirits have only two implied possibilities: either they have unfinished business to attend to, or they are still unaware that they are dead. Neither I could be of any help, and most probably they know it.

Though I am fairly unperturbed by the supernaturals, one of my guilty pleasures is watching paranormal reality programs. Programs where one person, or a group of people, go into a “haunted” location and try to make contact with spirits said to dwell there. Most of the hosts of these programs are guys with the occasional female sidekicks. So it is pretty entertaining to see grown-ass men screaming and freaking out in the dark. Though I am not afraid of the dark, I am not sure that I would be any braver than any of those hosts if I were in their shoes. Yet I couldn’t help it but be amused when they were spooked mostly by their own shadows and reflections.

I don’t blame the spirits for getting “angry” at people, because who wouldn’t get pissed if strangers kept coming into their space and provoking them for a reaction. I believe that there is a reason why normal people don’t and can’t see these spirits. If we are to believe that we are made of energy and energy cannot be destroyed, then death is just a process that converts one form of energy to another. So it is plausible that some people are sensitive to certain types of energy, like light, sound and heat, while some might be sensitive to these spirits. Does my induction make sense?

Frankly, I am more apprehensive of actual humans because I do not believe spirits are all malevolent in nature. The scheming betrayals and games people play in real life are more terrifying than any hauntings. I’ve never heard of spirits banding together to plot and do harm to people. I’ve never heard of spirits that only haunt LGBTQ+ people. Nor have I heard of spirits that refuse to haunt LGBTQ+ people. All signs point to them being equal opportunity haunters.

Death is a true equalizer. As mortals, everyone dies in the end, so why fixate on one aspect of a human life that is of no concern to others? If you truly believe that LGBTQ+ people are bound for hell, isn’t the thought of us being damned for eternity good enough for you to just leave us alone, so we may continue to “sin” until the day we die? Also, doesn’t being angry at us makes you guilty of wrath, one of the seven deadly sins which might deny you the passage to Heaven/salvation? If you truly believe in a righteous God, shouldn’t you just leave the judging and condemning to HIM, knowing that HE would condemn us forever?

Live and let live. Climate change, human rights abuses and economic inequality are just a few of many bigger things to worry about than what is happening between two consenting adults.

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