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Sharing Perspectives 分享.觀點

As I read a lot and try my best to keep abreast of global LGBTQ+ related news and articles, I’ve decided to share articles that I think should be read by more people. Unfortunately, most of them are in English. I’ll wade through the noises in cyberspace and point you to the gems.


Get to know 認識+了解

14 Ways To Defeat Your Fears of Being Gay (消除對身為同志的恐懼的14種方法 )

How Can We Discuss Homophobia in Muslim Communities Without Being Islamophobic?

(如何不仇視回教地討論穆斯林社群的恐同症? )

Stereotypes 刻板印象

10 Situations Every Bi/Pan Person Can Relate To (雙/泛性戀者感同身受的10個情境 )

It's Not Just Brunei—9 Other Places LGBTQ+ Rights Are in Danger

(不只是汶萊- LGBTQ+權益被威脅的9個地區 )

10 Anti-Gay Myths Debunked (揭穿10個反同的迷思 )

Inspiring Queers 勵志酷兒

31 Ways the ’90s Made Us All Queer (大家如何被90年代影響成為酷兒)

20 Inspiring Quotes for Queer Women to Live By (20個激勵女酷兒的名句)

Famous Queers 酷兒名人

The Life and Love of Anne Lister (安妮李斯特的生平與愛情)

Transgender Visibility Day (Mar 31) 國際跨性別現身日 (3月31日)

The Joy of Sex After Gender Confirmation Surgery (性別確認手術後: 性的愉悅 )

(編輯: Ching)

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