Word Bytes | Prayer of the Children (Part 3)


Word Bytes is a montly flash fiction column. All these stories include an LGBT prsence, but it is rarely the focus. Rather than write pieces that focus on LGBT issues, I want it to be quietly in the background as a small detail of reality. Where it should be.

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Disclaimer: The following flash fiction strays from my normal path of fantasy writing to bring to light some all too real issues. These issues can be rather distressing, though not graphic. Please also note this is still a work of fiction. Characters, events, and incidents are either the products of my imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Help me to do the things I should ,

“Lord, please help Nolan.”

“You see, other kids are starting to pick on him a lot. Especially the ones from church. They say he’s different and tell me if I hang out with him then I’ll end up like him. Even my mom is trying to get me to start hanging out with different kids. Dad is less subtle about it. He just sent me to my room because I didn’t promise to stop speaking with him.

We learned in school that there are just guys that like other guys, and that it’s not that unusual anymore. But at church, they tell me it’s not okay. He hasn’t told me anything yet, but I’ve been afraid to ask. I don’t really know what to do if he does tell me. I’m afraid we won’t be able to be friends anymore.”

To be to others kind and good,

“I really don’t understand everything. I know he’s not a bad guy. He’s always been kind to everyone. No one worked harder than him on the mission trip last spring break. He’s always super helpful. Most of the time people don’t even see the things he does at events to help out.

He knows Bible verses way better than I do. Sorry about that by the way. I know I don’t really pray enough. I make fun of him for being a nerd, but really just being around him makes me want to be better. If he’s really so bad, how could he do so good? I tried to tell that to dad, but he just got angrier.”

In all I do, in work, or play,

“Anyway God, I don’t know what to do. All I know is that he hasn’t been himself. He doesn’t text me as much, he doesn’t come over to play games, and it’s been weeks since I went to his house. The last time I gave him a pat on the back he totally froze up.

The other day, I tapped him on the shoulder, and he winced in pain. You know, like when someone hits a bruise. I worry some of the other kids might be starting to beat him up or something. I tried to ask him, but he lied and said he fell when riding his bike. He’s really bad at lying you know.

Anyway, that’s all really. Just please help my friend.”

To grow more loving every day.

~ END of Part 3 ~

(Edit: Alexis) (Illustration: Pei-Ling Chiu)

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