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Sharing Perspectives 分享.觀點

As I read a lot and try my best to keep abreast of global LGBTQ+ related news and articles, I’ve decided to share articles that I think should be read by more people. Unfortunately, most of them are in English. I’ll wade through the noises in cyberspace and point you to the gems.


Get to know 認識+了解

Love, violence and daily survival: inside Morocco’s LGBTIQ community


On Gender Diversity in Indonesia (印尼的多元性別)

Stereotypes 刻板印象

10 lesbian stereotypes we’ve all heard (10個常見的女同志刻板印象)

Dealing with stereotypes in gay communities (面對男同志圈內的刻板印象)

The Celluloid 影視世界

When will Hollywood stop making excuses for queer erasure?


The Freddie Mercury story that goes untold in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’


Transgender Visibility Day (Mar 31) 國際跨性別現身日 (3月31日)

Trans Flag Creator: 'Visibility = Credibility' (跨性別旗幟創作者: "可見度=可信度")

25 Scenes Spanning 40 Years of Trans* History by Mariette Pathy Allen

(名攝影師 - 穿越40年跨性別歷史的25個場景)

(編輯: Ching)

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