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Tales of Vol, Cha & Bad | Willing to try anything for you

Vol: Hey! I’d really love to see that horror movie! Come with me!

Cha: No way! (Extremely afraid of ghosts)

Vol: Bummer! It’s going to be on this coming Wednesday. Please come with me!

Cha: Hell no.

=On Wednesday=

Cha: Let’s go.

Vol: Where are we off to?

Cha was holding two tickets of the horror movie.

Cha: Our company happened to get me some tickets of that movie.

Vol: Hehe.

We ought to cherish those who are terribly scared but are still willing to go on adventures with us.

Introduction to characters

Vol sheds rays of sunshine and is very caring, but, on the other hand, vulnerable at times. He tends to be fickle when it comes to interest in things. He is generally optimistic but gets disappointed easily. He is highly emotionally dependent on his relationship with Cha.

Cha is gloomy, calm and rather indifferent. His main focus is Volts’ emotions. Cha is a man of remarkably few words, but a man of action and shows Volts great affection. He puts a lot of effort in making Volts happy and is also highly dependent on Volts.

Bad tends to judge things from a mundane point of view and is a man of mischief. He’s young, handsome, radiant and humorous. You can find every desirable, charismatic trait in him. But all human beings have flaws. He doesn’t seem to understand nor does he seem to relate to others. Just like many others that hurt other people’s feelings without even noticing it.

Brief dialogues from the three of them symbolize our daily lives. Cold words and harsh actions that are harmful to others can be seen every single day. By way of this short dialogue, we’re able to remind ourselves to be faced with these hurtful matters via a more optimistic point of view. In the meantime, we’re able to push ourselves to pay extra attention to people around us.

Author’s Notes

The characters Volts and Charles in The Tales of Vol, Cha and Bad are actually reflections of my personal image. The two of them symbolize the inner side and the outer appearances of me. We disguise ourselves with an image to put ourselves in a comfort zone. But, in the meantime, we’re also seeking a corner to rest and to get along with our inner self. That’s the image embedded in this tale.

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(Translate: Andrew W.; Illustration: Kurtis)

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