Cheers Queers | Gin & Tonic 琴通寧 3 種調法

Gin & Tonic is an easy-to-make, easy-to-drink, and easy-to-keep-drinking cocktail. In this video, we look at 3 different ways to make this drink, from very basic, to something you won't be able to stop yourself from making every night.

Gin & Tonic 琴通寧 酒譜

#1 The “I don’t want to think about it” G&T / 「隨便喝喝就好」琴通寧

● ½ oz Gordon’s gin 高登琴酒 ● top off with Schweppes tonic water / 通寧水倒至滿 (Schweppes 舒味思) ● 1 wedge of lime 1 角萊姆

#2 The “I actually care” G&T with cucumber and rosemary / 黃瓜迷迭香琴通寧

● 25ml (.85oz) Hendrick’s gin / 亨利爵士琴酒 ● top off with Thomas Henry tonic water / 通寧水倒至滿 ● 1 wedge of lime / 1 角萊姆 ● cucumber ribbons / 細長片黃瓜 ● sprig of rosemary / 整支迷迭香

#3 Dave Arnold’s “the best G&T you can muster if you can’t muster much”, from Liquid Intelligence / 如果不想動腦就直接照做吧

● 1¾ oz (52.5 ml) of gin (Monkey 47) / 琴酒 ● 3¼ oz (97.5 ml) of tonic water (Thomas Henry) / 通寧水 ● 1 wedge of lime / 1 角萊姆 ● finish with a little carbonated water on top (optional) / 上方倒入碳酸水


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