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A monthly flash fiction by Allusir who loves dragons and unicorns, and if there is a place, book, or game with one or both of these magnificent creatures, you can bet he'll want to be there and maybe even live there!

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“Hello, Silver Dreams and Fortunes. I am Madam Nadya Lyubitshka. How may the spirits help you today?”

“Good evening Madam Lyubitshka.”

“Ah, Pisces. Has it truly been another week already? Shall we start with the cards again?”

“Yes Madam. Thank you.”

“A polite young man as always. Now, let’s see your Greater Arcana first… The Moon is showing in your past. You had been keeping a secret from yourself and from those close to you, but The Fool in your present shows me that has recently changed. How are you doing with that change?”

“Not so well, it’s been... a rough week.”

“I’m sorry to hear that hun. Take heart though, your Minor Arcana shows The Ace of Cups in your future, so things are going to turn around for you drastically. But to get there, The Sun is telling you that the moment of opportunity is coming. Have courage when that moment comes, and fate will smile upon you.”

“Where will I find opportunity though? I just… just.”

“I understand dear. The Knight of Swords sits in your present. You face a zealous dedication, which can be quite formidable. The chaos in your heart is making things difficult for you.”

“Please Madam Lyubitshka, I just need a little push in the right direction. Can you look at my stars please?”

“I thought you might say that dear. I’ve already pulled up your chart.”

“Thank you.”

“Put on your famous smile today, even though you don’t feel it. Find a place of grounding energy to renew your spirit. You will find an unexpected ally, but only if you trust the intuitive nature that guides you."

“Grounding energy? So I need to find some water then… There’s a park with a river nearby, will that place work?”

“I do believe that will be an excellent place to go. Hurry now. And don’t forget, have courage.”

* * * *

“Hello, Silver Dreams and Fortunes. I am Madam Nadya Lyubitshka. How may the spirits help you today?”

“Yeah, hi there. I don’t uh… I’ve never…”

“It’s your first time receiving a divination.”

“Yes. And I really don’t know…”

“You’re not sure why you called. That’s okay young man. Let’s start with something easy, what is your name?”

“Well, how about you just call me Scorpio.”

“No problem, Scorpio it is. Next let’s answer your question of where to start.”

“How did you know that was my question? Did some cards tell you?”

“Of course not dear, none of this is real of course. Fortune tellers just say what you want to hear after all. You’re not my first new caller.”

“Oh, right.”

“Speaking of cards though, let’s start there.”

“Don’t you want to hear my story first?”

“Oh no Scorpio, that won’t be necessary. Now, looking at your Major Arcana, I see The Tower in your past with the card of Justice in your present. You recently suffered a deep betrayal that has left great change in your life.”

“That’s right! I just caught my boyfriend cheating on me and that lead to a pretty nasty break up. But now…”

“You feel lost and unsure which direction to sail in life. Don’t worry love, having justice in your spread means that the scales will be balanced soon.”

“Right, everything is going to be great. Just what I want to hear.”

“As promised.”

“And do the cards tell you anything more about all the riches coming my way.”

“Of course my dear, what kind of charlatan do you take me for? I’m not going to stop half way. You’ll get the full scam. Now let’s see… The Wheel of Fortune is in your place for your future, paired with the Two of Cups. Fate is going to intervene in your life and you will have a new partner to share love with soon.”

“That does sound nice. Thank you for cheering me up, even if it’s not real.”

“Wait Scorpio, I haven’t looked at your stars yet. I still have to tell you how you will have this chance meeting yet.”

“Ha, oh right, I almost forgot."

“You will find your energy on the rampage today, pulling you to seek new experiences. Use that energy to carry you to a place of calm. Your sign has a strong tie to water, you should seek a place of water. Perhaps, there is a river nearby?”

“Yes, in a park a short walk from my hotel. I saw it when I drove in last night.”

“I think if you go there, you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

“That would be a nice place to calm down. Thanks lady. Thanks for not treating me like an idiot and really hamming it up.”

“You’re welcome Scorpio. Have a good time.”

* * * *

“Hello, Silver Dreams and Fortunes. I am Madam Nadya Lyubitshka. How may the spirits help you today?”

“Madam Lyubitshka, you’ll never believe it!”

“I’m glad you had the courage to talk to someone new, Pisces. I’ve already read the cards for you. You and Scorpio will have a long and happy life together as long as you both mind The Magician and keep practical expectations going forward.”

“But how did you?”



Allusir's Notes:

Happy 2019 everyone!

I really know very little about fortune telling, so don’t mind any gross inaccuracies.

That said, I do know that you can’t move forward in life without taking some chances now and then.

So here’s to a new year full of new opportunities.


(Illustration: Pei-Ling Chiu)

Like Pei-Ling's awesome illustration? Then follow Pei-Ling on Instagram: Pei@pei_groovyart

(Edit: Alexis)

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