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A monthly flash fiction by Allusir who loves dragons and unicorns, and if there is a place, book, or game with one or both of these magnificent creatures, you can bet he'll want to be there and maybe even live there!

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Once upon a time, a long time ago, this forest was mine.

Fey creatures from the world over retreated to the dark and dangerous groves I lurked in. When human villages had pushed the creatures of myth to my realm, there were a few confrontations at first. The one law of the woods was born from those initial disagreements.

Don’t touch my prey.

Werewolves were the top of the food chain, holding the pure cruelty of humans in a strong lupine body. Whispers through the darkness gave many titles to me. “The Heartless Wolf” was my favorite, coming from the fact that I had no heartbeat to speak of. Nor did I have the empathy and fear that seemed to come with the useless organ.

Then one day, I smelled a human.

A slender figure, cloaked in red from head to toe, dared to set foot in my domain. Curious to see why a human would enter the black woods, I followed the pitiful soul a while. The human walked for an hour until a clearing opened up.

The scarlet hood blew back in the wind, revealing my prey. Tufts of bushy silver gleamed in the strand of light that fell into the sinister grove. One sapphire eye sparkled alongside brilliant emerald. His porcelain face glowed like the moon itself. The young man bent down to chat with a tiny seedling which sprouted through the grime and decay.

“Hello there little sprout. I have a secret.”

He looked around to make sure he was alone, his dazzling eyes unable to notice the creatures gathering in the darkness.

“This secret has eaten away at me for years, and I can’t go another moment without telling someone.”

The sweet harmonies of birds couldn’t compare to his voice echoing through the air.

“Nobody else comes into these woods, so you’ll keep my secret right? You won’t tell anyone?”

His words trembled with fear, and a single tear ran down his pale cheek. He leaned in closer to whisper his secret to the tiny plant. A silent breeze carried his secrets to my sharp ears.

“I like other guys.”

More tears ran down his face. Something warm, yet fragile grew in my chest. It felt heavy, and it hurt more than any wound I had ever suffered. At first the feeling just sat there, reaching down to the pit of my stomach.

Thump, thump.


(Edit: Alexis)

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