Love Actually 不是不愛

August 23, 2018

I love books, pure and simple. I read anything I can get my hands on, be it non-fiction (history, philosophy, technology, war, biography, self-improvement, etc.) or fiction (thrillers, horror, action, sci-fi, etc.). The only genre I don’t read was romance. I couldn’t stomach those mushy touchy feely unrealistic saccharine romance novels.

At first I thought it was because I just ‘don’t get it’, I’m ‘cold-blooded’ or simply overtly pragmatic. Only when I came to realize and accept my sexuality did I realize that: It’s not that I don’t like romance novels, I just can’t stomach the plot of “waiting helplessly to be rescued by Prince Charming”. It’s not that I dislike romance novels, I just hate the “I need a man to make my life meaningful and complete” trope. To tell you the truth, I do yearn for romantic love. Unfortunately the Capricorn in me simply do not and cannot accept the notion that “women must sacrifice everything for love”, even if both are women.


Of course, after realizing my sexuality, I started reading lesbian romance novels, devouring novels written in both English and Chinese. After a while, the conclusion I reached is that I prefer English novels. The reason is pretty simple. The protagonists depicted in English lesbian romance novels are not confined dyadically to butch or femme. There were many more different expressions of gender and sexuality. In short, these are simply stories about women loving women, in all shapes and sizes.


Just like in real life, I do not like to limit myself to a ‘type’ when I’m looking for a partner. When it feels right, just go with the flow. Each person is an unique individual, so why limit yourself?


So I do actually love romance novels, just not the usual ones. What about you? Who is your favorite LGBTQ author(s)? Which are your favorite queer romance novels? Maybe we could swap list or even start a book club?! Let me know! ^.^











( 編輯: LeeWang CHING )  (Photo credit: AG)

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