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Academically Speaking (02) | 學術淺談

In the age of fake-news and alternative facts, it’s more important than ever for the LGBT+ community, especially those with access to empirically proven and scientifically sound data, to debunk, counter, and clarify myths, stereotypes and misinformation about LGBT+. This quarterly segment compiles and shares some in-depth evidence-based articles written by professional academics and leading authorities that are easy and fun to read.


Gay Men Prefer Bearded Partners, Queensland Study Says

“Homosexual men preferred hairier stimuli than heterosexual women, supporting past findings that homosexual men have strong preferences for masculine traits,” the researchers reported. The study’s authors surveyed 1,577 men and women in the Czech Republic and Brazil. The research was published in March in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.


研究報導指出:「同志男性比起異性戀女性更偏好毛髮濃厚的伴侶,這呼應過去的研究 --同志男子受『男子氣慨』的特質深深吸引。」這份研究的作者調查了捷克共和國及巴西共計 1,577 名男性與女性,並也在 Evolution and Human Behavior. 中三月號的期刊中刊登研究內容。

There's no such thing as 'gay panic' – scientists debunk excuse for anti-gay hate crimes

A new study, published in the journal Psychology and Sexuality, tested the saliva of 120 men for a biological response to an array of images, including to men engaging in sexual activity together. It was discovered that the amount of alpha-amylase present – which appears in the saliva when a person is stressed – turned out to be the same for those who tolerate gay relationships as those who don’t.


在 Psychology and Sexuality 期刊中刊登了一份新的研究,透過檢測 120 名男性檢驗的唾液,以研究他們對一系列的圖象的生理反應,圖像包含男性間性行為。研究發現,不管這個人是否包容同志,在看到不同圖像時唾液中產生的 α-澱粉酶(在感到壓力的時候分泌)濃度都是相同的。

New Study finds straight men in “bromances” often kiss and cuddle

According to research published in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, there is a strong desire to cuddle and hug between bromantic friends, while kissing is just another way of showing affection. A bromance has been defined as ‘an emotionally intense bond between straight men’.


根據一份刊登在 Sex Roles: A Journal of Research 的研究中發現,關係很要好的男性朋友間也會有想要擁抱或較親暱肢體動作的渴望,親吻也只是另外一種表現情感的方式。所謂的「兄弟情」也有人定義為異性戀男性間「情感上的連結」。

Selling sex: Wonder Woman and the ancient fantasy of hot lady warriors

As a sexy but fierce lady warrior, Wonder Woman is hardly alone in the portrayal for the imagined link between war and female sexuality. Throughout history, cultures across the globe have envisioned and revered the femme fatale, from feline killers to sensual goddesses to sassy spelunkers.



Why do so many gay and bisexual men die from suicide?

Gay and bisexual men are four times more likely to attempt suicide in their lifetime than heterosexual men. Researchers now estimate that suicide kills more gay and bisexual men than AIDS. Despite this well-documented inequity, there are no targeted suicide prevention programs in Canada. Gay and bisexual men are rarely mentioned in mental health policies.



LGBTQ+ Older Adults Run a Higher Risk for These 3 Chronic Conditions

Studies suggest that LGBTQ+ older adults have higher rates of chronic conditions and other health problems, such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more. Because many LGBTQ+ older adults have faced discrimination in health care, they may delay doctor’s visits or necessary tests that would help them address these conditions. Cancer, mental health issues and cardiovascular diseases are the three common types of chronic conditions LGBTQ+ older adults are at a higher risk for.

LGBTQ+ 較年長者有更高的風險可能得到這三種慢性疾病

研究顯示 LGBTQ+ 較年長者有較高的比率得到慢性病或併發其他健康問題,如過度肥胖、高血壓、高膽固醇、關節炎、心血管疾病或糖尿病等等。諸多原因是因為許多 LGBTQ+ 年長者在醫療機構飽受歧視,因此常常延誤就診,也因此錯過許多可以及時偵測出他們疾病狀況的篩檢時機。癌症、心理疾病及心血管疾病為 LGBTQ+ 年長者間三個最普遍,也是發生風險最高的慢性疾病。

(翻譯: Andrew Wang ;編輯:Cat Jensen, LEEWANG Ching)

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