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Aug 02.

Blossoming bisexual: World's 1st flower has male and female parts. All living flowers today came from a single ancestor that lived about 140 million years ago, according to a new study published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed British journal Nature Communications. When the world's first flower sprouted around that time, it was bisexual, possessing both male and female reproductive parts, according to the researchers who virtually reconstructed the blossom in a new study.

植物界的雙性戀:地球上第一朵雌雄同體的花。在今天發表在《自然通訊》(Nature Communications) 雜誌上的一項研究中,法國巴黎南部大學的36人研究團隊利用電腦三維影像技術重現了1.4億年前的花朵,我們終於知道現今花朵的祖先是什麼樣子。模型表明,第一朵花是雙性的,也就是說它中間有雄花和雌花。

Aug 06.

Decriminalisation of homosexuality on the cards for The Cook Islands. The Cook Islands, a small South Pacific nation made up of 15 islands and 21,000 people, could soon see dated religious-based laws amended to decriminalise homosexuality. A new bill has been passed to remove provisions from the Cook Islands’ 1969 Crimes Act. These provisions ban ‘consensual sodomy’ and ‘indecent acts’ between two men, with prison terms of between five and seven years.

庫克群島有望對同性戀除罪化。庫克群島,這個由15座島嶼組成,人口 21,000 人的小型南太平洋國家,有可能在近期修改其過時的宗教法,將同性戀除罪化。庫克群島政府提出了一項新法案,從「1969 年犯罪法」中刪除禁止兩名男子之間「不合法行為」和「兩情相悅的性行為」的規定。該規定的監禁期限為五至七年。 Aug 12.

Thousands turned out for Reykjavik Pride and it looked beautiful. Thousands of people turned out for Reykjavik Pride today and it looked incredible. For the first time since the Pride started in 1999, asexuals joined in the march.

成千上萬支持者現身於冰島首都雷克雅維克的同志驕傲大遊行,場面格外美麗。 今天有成千上萬的人為支持雷克雅未維的同志驕傲節結伴出席大會遊行。自1999年驕傲大遊行開始以來,無性戀者第一次加入了遊行行列。

Aug 16.

Study finds more than half of American parents would support trans kid’s transition. A new study has found that more than half of parents in the US would support their teenager’s request to transition. The study, conducted by Harris on behalf of the American Osteopathic Association, found that 53 percent of adults in the US would support their kid’s transition.

研究發現,超過一半的美國父母會支持跨性別孩子的變性過程。一項新的研究發現,美國有超過一半的父母會支持他們青少年孩子的變性要求。 由Harris代表美國骨科協會進行的這項研究發現,美國有53%的成年人會支持其孩子的變性要求。

Aug 28.

Chile’s President passes same-sex marriage bill to congress. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet sent Congress a bill that would legalize gay marriage, a move that follows a string of liberal reforms in one of Latin America’s most conservative nations. In 2015, Chile’s Congress approved same sex civil unions after years of legislative wrangling. In March, Bachelet, a center-left politician, pledged to send a full marriage bill to legislators before the end of the year.

智利總統通過同性婚姻法案。智利總統巴舍萊(Michelle Bachelet)向國會提交了一項法案,欲將同性婚姻合法化。此舉為這個拉丁美洲最保守國家一系列自由改革的舉動之一。智利議會於2015年,在經過多年的立法爭論後,允許同性民事婚姻。在今年3月,屬於左派的巴舍萊承諾在今年年底之前向立法委員提交一份完整的婚姻法案。

Aug 30.

Two amazing gay kisses are going to grace the cover of Vogue. Vogue Italia is celebrating gay couples in a big way on its September issue, publishing two covers with same-sex models locking lips. The covers were shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

愛沒有不同!義大利VOGUE找男女、同志「熱吻」登封。每年9月都是最重要的「時尚大月」,各雜誌都會找來一線大明星坐陣、刺激銷量。但義大利《VOGUE》卻反其道而行,找來男女、男男及女女模特兒,在封面上浪漫熱吻,讓人看見「愛並沒有不同」。封面由Mert Alas和Marcus Piggott拍攝。

(Photo taken from PinkNews)

Aug 31.

India crowns its first transgender beauty queen. Kolkata-based Nitasha Biswas has been crowned India's first Miss Trans Queen at an event in New Delhi on Sunday. The 26-year-old will now represent India at the Miss International TransQueen in Thailand, in March 2018.

印度史上第一位跨性別選美皇后誕生了。來自加爾各答的Nitasha Biswas在新德里舉行的一個活動中被加冕為印度首位跨性別 (Trans Queen) 小姐。這位26歲的美后將代表印度參加2018年3月在泰國舉辦的國際跨國小姐比賽。


Aug 07.

Kuwait deports dozens of homosexuals in 'morality raids'. Kuwait has deported 76 homosexuals and shut down 22 massage parlours this year, the head of a morals committee has said. LGBTQ+ individuals receive no protection of their rights in Kuwait and homosexual acts between men can result in a six-year prison sentence. Cross-dressing was outlawed in 2008. There are no laws against sexual acts between women because under article 193 of the Kuwaiti Penal Code which punishes debauchery, homosexuality is interpreted by the courts to mean male homosexuality.

科威特在多次的「道德突擊行動」中驅逐了數十名同性戀者。道德委員會負責人表示, 科威特已在今年驅逐了76名同性戀者,並關閉了22個按摩院。 LGBTQ +人士皆不受到科威特人權的保護,且男性之間的同性戀行為可能會導致六年監禁。穿著異性服裝於2008年被禁止。法律沒有規範女性間的性行為,因為根據懲罰舞弊的「科威特刑法」第193條,法院僅將同性戀解釋為男同性戀。

Aug 16.

Incidents of Japanese teachers outing LGBT students on the rise. The outing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students by teachers is on the rise in Japan, which still lacks a framework for understanding the ramifications of the issue in terms of the educational system. Teachers who may simply wish to show consideration to LGBT students by informing parents or other classmates about their situations may in fact be causing irrevocable harm, experts say.

日本LGBT學生被老師強迫出櫃的事件頻傳。在仍然缺乏了解教育制度對LGBTQ+社群會造成多深遠的影響的日本,身為男女同性戀、雙性戀和跨性別的學生被老師強迫出櫃的事件日益增加。 專家說,老師們的出發點可能只是希望透過向其家長或其他同學通報該學生的情況,但這無疑會對這些學生們造成不可抹滅的傷害。 Aug 17.

Uganda Pride cancelled amid threats police arrest and physical harm. In a statement, organizers of Uganda Pride announced the event’s cancellation due to threats of violence and arrest. Last year’s Pride was called off after Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo threatened to gather a mob in the streets to attack marchers. Lodoko made similar threats this year, claiming Pride is some sort of recruitment drive to “turn” people gay.

在逮捕和身體傷害的威脅下,烏干達取消了其同志驕傲節。在舉辦單位的聲明中提到,基於暴力和逮捕的威脅,烏干達驕傲節只能被迫取消。因倫理部長西奧洛科多(William Lokodo)威脅要在街頭聚集一群暴徒來攻擊遊行者,去年的驕傲遊行也被迫取消。 Lodoko今年也發出類似的威脅,聲稱驕傲節是為把民眾「轉變」成同性戀者的某種招聘方式。 Aug 31.

Israel’s Supreme Court rules same-sex marriage is not a right. Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is not a right, rejecting the Israeli Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Association’s argument that same-sex marriage should be allowed under the country’s Basic Law of Human Dignity and Liberty.



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