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Queerious News Flash (Jul 11-17, 2017)

The Good, the Bad and the Reflective


Jul 11.

The UK government has helped gay couples marry in China, Serbia and Cambodia. After equal marriage became legal in England and Wales, the British government made changes to permit gay weddings to take place at a number of Diplomatic Missions around the world. Under the policy, overseas same-sex couples can marry under British law inside UK consulates and embassies, as long as one of the applicants is a British citizen. Data from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office this week revealed that hundreds of couples have taken advantage of the little-known offer.

英國政府在中國、塞爾維亞和柬埔寨等國協助同性伴侶結婚。當婚姻平權在英格蘭和威爾士受到法律保障後,英國政府修改了其政策,允許它在世界各地的一些Diplomatic Mission舉行同性婚禮。在該項政策下,只要其中一名申請人是英國公民,海外同性伴侶可以在英國領事館和大使館的英國法律下結婚。根據外交和聯邦事務部的數據顯示,已有數百對伴侶利用這一項鮮為人知的政策。

Jul 12.

Gay man wins right to equal pension for husband in landmark UK decision. The Supreme Court justices ruled that Mr John Walker’s husband is entitled on his death to a spouse’s pension; provided they stay married. The landmark ruling means his husband is entitled to the same benefits as a wife would be.

英國一名男同志透過英國法院,贏得可讓其丈夫繼承自己養老金的權利。最高法院法官裁定,只要沒離婚,John Walker先生的丈夫可在他過世后繼續領取養老金。這項里程碑式的裁決意味著他的丈夫享有與異性戀婚姻中妻子相同的權利。

Jul 13.

Malta, a tiny, Catholic island nation just legalized same-sex marriage. Maltese lawmakers voted on Wednesday to legalize same-sex marriage on the Roman Catholic Mediterranean island, fulfilling Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's campaign promise to make this the first law brought before parliament in his new term.

歐洲天主教小國 馬爾他同婚合法了!馬爾他(Malta)國會在週三(12日)表決通過同性婚姻合法化。這項表決是馬爾他總理Joseph Muscat當選後,首波實現的選前政策之一。

The London Underground is set to go gender-neutral. Transport workers across London have been told to stop using the words ‘ladies and gentlemen’ in tannoy announcements – substituting them for phrases such as ‘good morning everyone’ instead. Announcements that are pre-recorded by the staff are also set to be changed to use new phrases.

倫敦地鐵廣播無性別,不再稱女生先生。倫敦交通局(TfL)表示,為了性別中立,未來地下鐵員工將改用「哈囉,各位」(hello everyone)、「早安,各位」(good morning everyone)等不強調性別的問候語。所有新錄製的地鐵廣播將全部不再使用「各位女士先生」。

( Pictures @TfL/Twitter )

Jul 14.

Thailand marks Princess’ birthday by giving out free PrEP. To celebrate the 60th birthday of Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre is giving away free PrEP. Until July 20 PrEP will be available for free at the Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic in Bangkok and seven other centres around Thailand.

為歡慶公主殿下誕辰,泰國免費發放PrEP口服藥。為了慶祝蘇薩瓦賴公主殿下六十歲生日,泰國紅十字會愛滋病研究中心免費發送PrEP,即是“暴露前預防(pre-exposure prophylaxis)”藥物。曼谷的泰國紅十字會匿名診所和泰國其他七個中心將免費提供該藥品直至7月20日。

Jul 15.

Thousands of people turned out for the biggest South Korea Pride yet this year. An estimated 85,000 people joined in the celebrations which took place in the capital city, making it the biggest Pride parade to be held in the city yet. More than 6,000 police were on duty to prevent any conflict between festival supporters and anti-LGBT groups. 今年,成千上萬的人到場支持南韓至今最大的同志遊行。 估計有85,000人參加了在首都首爾舉行的慶祝活動,使其成為在該市舉行的最大的驕傲遊行。當天, 有6000多名警察值班,以防止遊行支持者和反LGBT群體之間發生衝突。


Jul 16.

Chinese LGBT community slam popular social app for banning same-sex content. LGBT people in China have slammed a popular social media app, Weibo, for banning LGBT content from the platform. The social media site has characteristics of Facebook and Twitter and around one-third of Chinese people use it. The micro-blogging platform has cracked down on videos which feature same-sex couples by censoring them leaving users upset.



YOUNG, GAY AND ILLEGAL - Then & Now (length: 11min)

An openly gay 13 year old Louis and an openly gay 78 year old Percy sat down to have a chat about the differences 50 years have made on the UK’s Gay Culture and Acceptance.

年少、同志和非法 - 從前與現在 Louis(一位13歲公開的男同志)和Percy(一位78歲公開的男同志)促膝談論近50年來英國男同志文化和接受度的差異。


20 superheroes you probably didn’t know were LGBT.


Sharing Perspectives

If you have time to read only one article about LGBTQ+, read this 如果只有一篇文章的時間,就讀這篇吧:

Debunking The “Transgender Women Aren’t Women” Myth


(Editing: John Grzelak, Wei Chen)

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