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Queerious News Flash (Jul 04-10, 2017)

The Good, the Bad and the Reflective


Jul 04.

Stockholm to get new same-sex traffic lights in show of LGBT support. A posh Stockholm neighbourhood will soon see its traffic lights receive a facelift as the standard lone figure on the crossing signals is replaced by same-sex couples. Forty-eight of the new lights will be temporarily installed in the Östermalm district to mark Stockholm Pride from July 31st to August 6th, in an initiative by the City of Stockholm. 為展現對LGBTQ+社群的支持,斯德哥爾摩將設置新的酷兒交通信號燈。斯德哥爾摩的一個繁華社區的交通信號燈很快就會被重新翻新,將顯示同性戀伴侶來取代一般的單一性別中立的人像。斯德哥爾摩市政於7月31日至8月6日期間,為慶祝斯德哥爾摩驕傲節在Östermalm社區暫時安裝48個全新信號燈。

Gay Chinese man wins legal battle over forced conversion therapy. A court in China’s Henan province has ruled in favor of a plaintiff involuntarily committed to a mental hospital for “gay conversion treatment,” ordering it to pay damages. LGBT advocates in the country are hailing it as the first victory for such a case. 被打針、灌藥「矯正」性傾向 ,中國男同志告精神病院獲勝訴!余男向中國河南法院控告精神病院「侵犯人身自由」,日前獲法院判院方賠償及公開道歉。這也是中國同志族群少數獲得補償的判決。 Timor-Leste held its first Pride march, and it was glorious. Backed by its Prime Minister Rui Maria de Araújo’s recent message of support for the gay community, the theme of this year’s march was “acceptance,” and reportedly, hundreds of people joined with a marching band to participate in the Pride Parade. 東帝汶日前已舉行該國第一場LGBTQ+驕傲遊行,同志人權又向前跨出一步。該國總理Rui Maria de Araújo還宣布,這個年輕國家的發展,仰賴對所有公民權利的尊重。今年的主題为「接纳」。據報導,數百人加入一個行軍樂隊一同慶祝這次的驕傲遊行。

Jul 05.

Armenia recognizes same-sex marriages performed abroad. It is only the second former Soviet nation after Estonia to recognize same-sex marriages of any kind. Within Armenia itself there is no recognition of same-sex relationships, no anti-discrimination laws, and gay men are declared mentally ill and unfit for military service. 亞美尼亞政府承認在國外辦理的同性婚姻。繼愛沙尼亞之後,亞美尼亞是第二個承認同性婚姻的前蘇聯國家。在亞美尼亞國內,同性關係不被承認,也沒有反歧視法,且男同性戀被認定為精神病,不適合服兵役。

Jul 08.

Pride parade in London: Thousands join LGBT march. More than 26,000 people have joined the Pride Parade through central London. The annual march, now in its 45th year, marks 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales. Check out BBC’s “In pictures: Pride in London through the years” to see how Pride in London has been evolving. 倫敦的驕傲遊行:數千人加入LGBT遊行。超過2萬6千人遊行穿越了倫敦市中心。今年是該同志驕傲遊行的第45屆,也是同性戀在英格蘭和威爾士被非刑罪化的第50年。

(Photo taken from Victor Chan’s FB via 風傳媒)

Jul 09.

Church of England votes to explore transgender services. The General Synod of the Church of England has officially passed a motion welcoming and affirming transgender people to the church and to provide services for people transitioning. A top bishop also declared that being LGBT is "not a sin." The vote followed Saturday's decision by the synod to call on the Government to ban the practice of "conversion therapy" for gay people. 英國教會投票同意探討為跨性別人士提供教會服務。英國聖公會總議會(The General Synod of the Church of England)正式通過一項議案,歡迎和接納跨性別人士到教會。一位身居高位的主教也宣稱LGBT“不是一種罪惡”。大會的周末會議環節中,教會機構還提出另一項議案,要求政府禁止給同性戀人士提供批評者所說的“轉換治療”。


Jul 06.

Malaysia group has joined Indonesia in an attempted boycott giant coffee chain Starbucks over its support for LGBT rights. Last week, Indonesia’s second-largest Muslim organisation in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah, urged followers to boycott Starbucks. 馬來西亞團體連同印尼穆斯林組織共同呼籲民眾,抵制美國連鎖咖啡店星巴克 (Starbucks),原因竟是因為星巴克支持LGBT族群及同性婚姻,挑戰了兩國的傳統穆斯林價值。印尼第二大穆斯林組織穆罕馬迪亞 (Muhammadiyah)領導人於上周公開呼籲其支持者抵制星巴克。 After a lesbian couple reportedly married in India, their parents called the police. It is believed the women married at a temple in Bangalore in Southern India. Under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, same-sex marriage is a criminal act. After the two women, age 25 and 21, failed to return home, one of their parents filed a complaint with police. 據報道,一對女同性伴侶在印度結婚后,其父母打電話報警。據傳,這對伴侶在印度南部班加羅爾的一個寺廟結婚。根據“印度刑法典”第377章,同性婚姻是一種犯罪行為。這對分別為25歲和21歲的女性因未回家,其中一人的父母向警方報案投訴。

Jul 07.

Chechnya resumes arrests of gay and bi men on eve of global summit. As the world awaits the first summit meeting between the presidents of the United States and Russian beginning tomorrow, a Russian hotline, All Out, says a new wave of illegal arrests of gay and bisexual men is underway inside the Russian-controlled republic of Chechnya. 在全球元首會議前夕,車臣恢復逮捕同性戀和雙性戀男子。當世界等待著美國和俄羅斯總統明天的首次元首會議,俄羅斯熱線All Out表示,在俄羅斯所控制的車臣共和國內正在進行新一輪非法逮捕同性戀和雙性戀男子的行動。


A series of Pride adverts shown in the UK will make history as they break your heart. 英國打破歷史讓你心碎的一系列驕傲廣告 Lesbian Apology 女同志道歉篇 Gay Apology 男同志道歉篇 Bi Apology 雙性戀道歉篇 Trans Apology 跨性別道歉篇 The Apology 道歉


And the World’s Best City for LGBT People is… 最適合LGBT+人士居住的城市是...

Sharing Perspectives

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(Editing: Art M., Wei Chen)

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