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Queerious News Flash (Jun 13 - 26, 2017)

The Good, the Bad and the Reflective


Jun 15. Serbia President names its first openly gay and first female Prime Minister. President Aleksandar Vucic announced that Ana Brnabic, 41, has been nominated as the Serbian Prime Minister-designate, which could also make her the first female head of government in the country's history. Her appointment needs formal approval by Parliament next week.

塞爾維亞總統,任命女同志當總理。塞爾維亞總統武契奇(Aleksandar Vucic)15日提名41歲的國家行政部長布納比奇(Ana Brnabic)為候任總理,若國會下週通過提名,她將成為該保守國家首位女性及公開出櫃的同性戀總理。

Jun 16.

Heroic lesbian cop saved anti-LGBT Republican lawmakers during Virginia baseball shooting. Crystal Griner, one of the Capitol Police officers who helped take down the shooter, is openly gay – the day of the shooting, she leapt into action to protect conservative lawmakers who fought to deny her the right to marry. Griner, who was hospitalised with her injury, has been hailed as a “hero” after reports that she managed to shoot the shooter. 美國英勇女同警察在棒球場槍擊事件中營救了反同共和黨立法者。其中一位協助擊退槍擊者的國會警察是一位公開出櫃的同性戀者,在事發當時奮不顧身保護那些想抵制她享有結婚權益的保守派立法者。經報道指出她是成功擊斃槍擊者的警員后,目前因受傷而住院治療的Crystal Griner被譽為“英雄”。 Jun 19.

LGBT posters spread in Baghdad calling for acceptance and tolerance. Posters celebrating gay people are up in the city of Baghdad, Iraq, and are going viral online. The posters depict two rainbow coloured hands making a heart shape as well as featureless men and women, and in Arabic: “I am equal to you. Difference is the basis of life.” It is unknown who created the posters. LGBT海報出現在巴格達,呼籲著接受和寬容。歡慶酷兒們的海報在伊拉克的巴格達市出現,並在網路瘋狂傳開。海報由兩隻彩虹的雙手圍繞的心型構成,並用阿拉伯語寫著:“我等於你。差異是生命的基礎”。無人知道海報的創作者為何人。

(photo from PinkNews)

Thousands attend Pride in Ukraine despite death threats. Ukrainian politicians and foreign diplomats joined thousands marching for gay pride in Kiev on Sunday, carrying banners and waving rainbow and Ukrainian flags in a parade flanked by a thick cordon of helmeted police. In 2015, a law was passed banning workplace discrimination against the LGBT community in Ukraine. 儘管收到死亡威脅,數千人仍參與烏克蘭同志驕傲大遊行。烏克蘭首都基輔周日的同志驕傲大遊行(Gay Pride parade)吸引數千人參加,還有數名外國使節人員和政治人物共襄盛舉。在防暴警察駐守下,儘管一開始有小型的抗議團體到場,但遊行仍安全持續進行。烏克蘭當局在2015年,通過了一項法律,禁止在工作場所歧視LGBT社群。

World’s largest Pride draws millions of spectators to São Paulo, Brazil. More than three million people attended the 21st Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo on Sunday, according to organizers. Held in the city’s iconic Avenida Paulista, the parade hosted several famous Brazilian artists and singers. This year’s theme was “Independently from our beliefs, no religion is law. All for a secular state.” 世界最盛大的同性戀大遊行吸引了數百萬觀眾前往巴西聖保羅。主辦單位表示,他們預料有300萬人參與在聖保羅登場的第21屆同志驕傲年度大遊行。在一幅巨型的彩虹旗幟下,來自各年齡層的狂歡者在包利斯塔大道(Avenida Paulista)集結,要展開這項年度大遊行,他們有許多人都戴上色彩明亮的假髮、做出各式各樣的鮮艷打扮。這次的年度大遊行將聚焦於世俗主義、以及沒有任何宗教可以箝制個人信仰的法律。 Jun 20.

Commonwealth countries officially recognize LGBTI group. A coalition of LGBTI organizations has become the first LGBTI group to be officially been recognized by the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Equality Network (TCEN) was approved for accreditation as a Commonwealth organisation earlier this month. The TCEN is a network of 38 civil society organizations in 39 countries. They all work to challenge inequality and end discrimination against LGBTI people. Accreditation means TCEN activists will benefit from increased access to, participation in, and information about Commonwealth matters. 大英國協正式承認LGBTI組織。LGBTI組織聯盟已成為英聯邦正式獲得認可的第一個LGBTI集團。TCEN集團本月初獲得大英國協的認証,被承認為大英國協組織之一。TCEN集團是由39個國家的38個民間社會組織所組成,致力消彌LGBTI人士的不平等對待和終結性別歧視。該認証意味著TCEN社運人士將可享受更多的資訊和參與。


Jun 13.

32 South Korean soldiers charged for being gay while serving in the military. Many organisations have condemned the law prohibiting men from being gay or having consensual sex with people of the same gender after South Korea’s army chief of staff, General Jang Jun-kyu, started a crackdown on gay soldiers in April. Reports show that people were tracked down through social media and dating apps. 32名南韓同性戀軍人在軍方服役時被捕。許多人權組織嚴重譴責韓國軍隊參謀長Jang Jun-kyu於四月份開始對同性戀士兵的逮捕行動。有報道指出,軍方會透過社交媒體和手機交友軟體進行追蹤。

Jun 16.

Malaysian teen dies after being assaulted and raped for hours by homophobic school bullies. T. Nhaveen was celebrating with a friend after quitting his job so that he could move to Kuala Lumpur and begin university the following day, when they ran into two classmates who had consistently bullied Nhaveen in the past for being “effeminate” and “gay.” The two classmates proceeded to call their other friends, all aged 16 to 20, before the whole group began attacking Nhaveen and his friend. Nhaveen was pronounced brain dead and has since passed away from the injuries. 馬國霸凌問題嚴重,少年遭恐同同儕虐打致死。T. Nhaveen與朋友一起慶祝離職,因為他隔天將會到吉隆坡的某家大學報到。途中遇到了兩位經常在校以‘娘娘腔’和‘同志’等字眼霸凌欺負Nhaveen的同學。這兩位同學立即致電給其它介於16歲至20歲之間的朋友,一起攻擊Nhaveen和他的朋友。 Nhaveen被診斷腦死,並已經因傷勢去世了。


Why Hollywood needs trans actors 為何好萊塢需要跨性別演員。


19 hilarious pride signs that will have you crying with laughter 19個令人發笑的LGBT驕傲月遊行標語

Sharing Perspectives

If you have time to read only one article about LGBTQ+, read this 如果只有一篇文章的時間,就讀這篇吧:

What defines a queer icon today? 如何定義現今的酷兒偶像(象征)?

(Editing: Elyse Mark, Wei Chen)

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