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In the age of fake-news and alternative facts, it’s more important than ever for the LGBT+ community, especially those with access to empirically proven and scientifically sound data, to debunk, counter, and clarify myths, stereotypes and misinformation about LGBT+. This quarterly segment compiles and shares some in-depth evidence-based articles written by professional academics and leading authorities that are easy and fun to read.


Faggots, punks, and prostitutes: the evolving language of gay men

“Language defines who you are. But words used by others to define gay people can say a great deal more about them than us.”



Why do some countries disapprove of homosexuality? Money, democracy and religion

“Just like people, countries too have particular characteristics that can sway residents’ attitudes about homosexuality. Analysis shows that differences in attitudes between nations can largely be explained by three factors: economic development, democracy and religion.”



Mixing glitter and protest to support LGBTQ rights

“What is the history of using glitter as a method of expressing support for the rights of LGBTQ Americans? And what makes glitter an effective tool of resistance?”



Men tell homophobic jokes because of their own fragile masculinity, study finds

Why do some men crack sexist and anti-gay jokes or find them funny, while others do not? According to a new study, such disparaging jokes are a way for some men to reaffirm their shaky sense of self, especially when they feel that their masculinity is being threatened.



Beauty and the Beast censorship attempt shows the good, the bad and the ugly of LGBT rights in Malaysia

“Organised religions continue to play an important role in the daily lives of Malaysians. LGBT citizens have been labelled as enemies of Islam and compared to terrorist groups in the Muslim-majority country.”



The more straight people drink, the more they're into gay sex

This field study found that beer goggles (the phenomenon in which one's consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful) doesn’t just increase straight men and women's attraction to people of the opposite sex, but also to people of the same sex.



(翻譯: NC Kwong ;編輯:Hannah Fazio, LEEWANG Ching)

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