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Queerious News Flash (May 09 - May 15, 2017)

The good, the bad and the MUSHY


May 10.

Canada Post is releasing a “gay marriage” stamp as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations. The maple-leaf-shaped stamp shows an image of a rainbow flag and the words "marriage equality'' in both French and English. Canada Post is issuing 10 special stamps to honour key moments in Canada's 150-year history. 加拿大郵政推出一枚’’同志婚姻’’的郵票以作為紀念建國150周年的一部分,楓葉形狀中有彩虹旗和加拿大同性婚姻合法化的年份「2005」,並配有英文和法文詞句「婚姻平等」。加拿大郵務公司陸續推出10枚150周年紀念郵票﹐紀念加拿大150年歷史的關鍵時刻。

(Photo from Canada Post)

May 12.

Argentina has appointed its first transgender police chief. A 20-year veteran in Argentina’s federal police force, Analia Pasantino was a decorated police officer. But when she came out as transgender in 2008, Pasantino was declared unfit to serve and had to take a leave of absence. This week, she was welcomed back as the force’s new deputy police commissioner, working in the judicial communications department.



May 10.

Bisexual people feel less happy and more anxious than other sexualities, according to an ONS (Office for National Statistics, UK) report released today. They also have a lower amount of overall life satisfaction and feel less worthwhile than straight, gay and lesbian people do, according to the figures. 根據英國國家統計局近期的調查發現,雙性戀者比其他性傾向者較為不快樂和焦慮。同時數據顯示,雙性戀者除了整體的生活滿意度較低外,與異性戀及男女同志相比,雙性戀者對於自我價值感的認同也相對低。

May 15.

Singapore's Pink Dot LGBT rights rally will only allow Singaporean citizens and permanent residents to attend this year's event because of legal changes. Previously, only locals were allowed to actively "demonstrate" by holding up placards, but foreigners could nonetheless attend, Pink Dot says. Pink Dot warned that if non-Singaporeans or non-permanent residents insist on attending the event, both they and the organisers could be charged and prosecuted. 獅城年度同志活動「粉紅點」主辦單位表示,他們今年七月舉辦的活動,將按當局新規定禁止外籍人士參加,違者可被罰款或監禁。主辦單位亦表示,以往僅允許當地人舉牌「表示」意見,但外國人仍然可以一同參與。粉紅點主辦單位警告,若非新加坡公民或非永久性居民堅持參加今年的同志活動,他們和組織者都可能被起訴。


The #CultureOfLove campaign features a trilogy of short, poignant videos that show what it looks like when culture and tradition are opened up to LGBTI people. It is an initiative of UN Free & Equal – a global campaign for LGBTI equality launched and led by the United Nations Human Rights Office. Culture and tradition should bring us together, not drive us apart. Here are the trilogy - “Tradition”, “Culture” and “Family”. #CultureOfLove 廣告系列展示了三部小短片,描繪文化與傳統包容多元性別的可能。這是「聯合國自由與平等」運動的一項倡議,係由聯合國人權辦事處所領導。 文化和傳統應該讓我們融合,而不是將我們拆散。 三部曲:“傳統”“文化”“家庭”

List of Sorts...

British LGBT awards 2017: Caitlyn Jenner, Prince William and Tom Daley all pick up prizes 2017年英國LGBT獎:凱特琳·詹納、威廉王子和湯姆·戴利都獲獎

Sharing Perspectives

If you have time to read only one article about LGBTQ+, read this 如果只有一篇文章的時間,就讀這篇吧:

It's not marriage but equality that we long for 我們渴望的是平等,不是婚姻

(Editing: Wei Chen, LEEWANG Ching)

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