Queerious News Flash (May 02 - May 08, 2017)

The good, the bad and the MUSHY


May 03.

More Major League Baseball teams will host LGBTQ+ nights for Pride month this June than ever before: a third of the league, 11 teams in all. Half of all the teams have plans for events during the season. Click here for a list highlighting some of the exciting events scheduled throughout June! 越來越多的美國職棒大聯盟球隊將在今年六月,也就是同志驕傲月,舉辦LGBTQ+之夜,共十一支隊伍共襄盛舉,為史上最多,佔大聯盟三分之一,另外還有半數隊伍都計劃在本賽季舉辦相關活動。想知道六月大聯盟還舉辦了哪些LGBTQ+相關活動請點連結:https://goo.gl/mPXOQH

May 04.

Same-sex couples from across the Asia Pacific region are flocking to New Zealand to get married. 58% of the same-sex couples were from Australia and 17% were from China. New Zealand is the only country in the region to legally recognize same-sex marriages. 來自亞太地區的同性伴侶紛紛湧到紐西蘭結婚。58%的同性戀伴侶來自澳大利亞,17%來自中國。 紐西蘭是該地區唯一合法承認同性婚姻的國家。

May 05.

The Supreme Court of Bermuda ruled today that same-sex couples have the right to marry, bringing to a close a year-long drama over marital rights in the British island territory. The situation for LGBTQ+ people in Bermuda had gradually been improving over the last few years. Discrimination based on sexual orientation was banned under the territory's Human Rights Act in 2013. 百慕達最高法院今天裁定同性伴侶有權結婚,結束了長達一年多的婚姻權利戰。 百慕達LGBT+人士的處境在過去幾年逐漸改善。 當地《人權法》於2013年開始禁止基於性取向的歧視。

Canada is about to introduce gender-inclusive passports which will offer a third, unspecified option for those who do not fall into the female or male category. Currently, the country only allows “F” or “M” options on passports, but a proposed bill may change this, creating inclusivity and relieving stress that both transgender and non-binary people face. 加拿大即將推出性別多元的護照,這將為不認同女性或男性身份的人提供第三種沒有特別指定的選擇。 目前,該國只允許在護照上使用女性或男性等選項,但擬議的法案可能會改變這一點,令性別身份能更多元以及減輕跨性別與非二元人士面臨的壓力。

New streetlights featuring gay and lesbian couples holding hands are to be installed in the centre of Turin, Italy. The local council passed a motion backing the installation of lights replacing the little green man with little green same-sex couples. 意大利杜林市中心即將安裝描繪同性伴侶攜手的新紅綠燈。當地議會通過一項動議,支持以綠色同性伴侶取代原本的小綠人。

(photo taken from PinkNews)

May 08.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have shared the first photographs of their stunning wedding at Bovey Castle. "On 6th May 2017, I married the love of my life, @dlanceblack," Tom wrote in the Instagram caption. The British Olympic diver's new husband, an Emmy Award scriptwriter and producer, also shared a picture of the nuptials, asking "So... what did you do this weekend?" 湯姆·戴利和達斯汀·蘭斯·布萊克分享了他們在博維城堡令人驚嘆婚禮的第一批照片。「在2017年5月6日,我和我的摯愛結婚了,@dlanceblack,」湯姆在Instagram的說明中寫道。這位英國奧運潛水員的新婚丈夫,亦是艾美獎劇作家兼製片人也分享了婚禮的照片,並問道:「那...你這週末做了什麼?」

On May 7, 2017, thousands of individuals belonging to the Japanese LGBTQ+ community paraded on the streets of Shibuya for the finale of the annual Tokyo Rainbow Pride event. With more than 60 events leading up to the parade, the theme of this year’s Tokyo Rainbow Pride was “Change.” While LGBTQ+ rights have improved significantly in recent years with numerous reforms and the coming out of several openly gay politicians, Japan is yet to legalise same-sex marriage. 2017年5月7日,日本LGBTQ +社群的數千人士在澀谷街頭遊行,為一年一度的東京彩虹驕傲活動畫下美麗句點。今年東京彩虹驕傲的主題為「擁抱改變」,遊行前已舉辦了60多項彩虹活動。近年來,酷兒們的權利得到了相當大的改善,並且出現了幾個公開出櫃的酷兒政客,但日本至今還沒有把同性婚姻合法化。

(photo taken from Tokyo Rainbow Pride Facebook page)


May 03.

Recent reports from Chechnya alleged that the country is detaining and torturing gay men. According to one survivor, Chechen authorities are also telling parents to murder their gay children. If they don’t, the government will carry out the act. 最近的報導指稱,車臣當局正拘留與折磨男同性戀者。 一位倖存者表示,車臣當局也指示父母殺害他們的同性戀小孩,如果父母不從,政府就會代為動手。

Trans activists in India have alleged that transgender people are being denied access to burial grounds. Many people are forced to bury their loved one outside the graveyard or bribe the caretaker to perform the last rites at night. 印度跨性別社運人士指稱,跨性別人士被剝奪入土安葬的權利。許多人被迫把親人埋葬在墳墓場外,或者賄賂看守人讓他們在晚上去執行最後的告別儀式。

May 04.

An Indonesian university refuses to enrol LGBTQ+ students. An Indonesian university in the country’s West Sumatra region requires students to declare they are not LGBTQ+ before admitting them. LGBTI students who manage to sneak into the university will be 'rehabilitated' and expelled. 一間位於印尼西蘇門答臘地區的大學拒絕招收酷兒學生。該大學要求學生在入學前宣示他們不是酷兒。已經在該大學就讀的酷兒學生將會被送去「改造」並退學。


Sir Ian McKellen reflects on his youth as a closeted gay man in this heartbreaking short film 伊恩·麥克連爵士在這部令人心碎的短片中回顧身處櫃中的年少歲月。

Sharing Perspectives

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(Editing: NC Kwong, Art M., Lian Tsai)

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