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Queerious News Flash (Apr 25 - May 01, 2017)

The good, the bad and the WACKY


Apr 27.

Adidas announced a collaborative partnership with World OutGames Miami 2017, a 10-day, multi-sport human rights and cultural event from May 26 to June 4, 2017. Making its U.S. debut, the highly-anticipated event will welcome LGBT+ athletes from more than 40 countries - many where homosexuality remains illegal and hidden. In the spirit of true inclusiveness, the World OutGames are open to all, regardless of sexual orientation. 愛迪達今日宣布與第四屆世界同志運動會(World OutGames)締結合作伙伴關係。第四屆世界同志運動會將於今年的5月26日至6月4日在美國邁阿密舉辦,包括24種運動賽事和人權、文化活動。該運動會將迎接來自40多個國家的LGBT+參賽選手,但也不分性傾向對所有人開放。

(Photo courtesy Adidas)

Giant rainbow being constructed In Kiev, just In time for Eurovision. Eurovision producers are redecorating the People’s Friendship Arch in Cross Park, Kiev, Ukraine with rainbow colors and renaming it “the Arch of Diversity” in time for the start of Eurovision Song Contest on May 10. 基輔正在興建巨大的彩虹拱門,以及時趕上5月10日開播的歐洲歌唱大賽。 歐洲電視製作人正在重新裝修位於烏克蘭基輔十字公園的人民友誼大橋,以彩虹色彩粉刷,並重新命名為「多元化之門」。

Apr 28.

Hong Kong civil servant wins legal challenge to obtain gov’t benefits in same-sex marriage case. In a landmark victory with far-reaching implications for Hong Kong’s sexual minorities, a gay civil servant’s husband will be entitled to the same benefits as his heterosexual colleagues’ spouses after a successful legal challenge against government policy. 香港公務員在同性婚姻案中成功挑戰並獲得政府法定福利。 在此一將對香港性少數群體產生深遠影響且具有里程碑意義的勝利中,一個同性戀公務員的丈夫將享有與異性戀同事配偶相同的福利。

May 01.

“Arrest me, too” LGBT+ posters spreading to universities around South Korea. Student groups from South Korea‘s universities are speaking out in solidarity with gay soldiers, as presidential candidates make anti-gay comments. 「連我也逮捕吧!」力挺酷兒的海報在韓國多間大學盛傳。在總理候選人提出反對同志的評論時,來自韓國各大學的學生團體正積極聲援遭受迫害的同性戀士兵們。


Apr 26.

South Korean presidential front-runner Moon Jae-in outraged persecuted sexual minority groups by saying during a television debate that he opposes homosexuality, something his supporters say he had to do to win office in the deeply conservative country. Among the five candidates who participated in the debate, only Sim Sang-jung, representing the minor Justice Party, who openly advocates gay rights. 南韓總統大選中位居領先的候選人文在寅,在日前的電視辯論會中表示「反對」、「不喜歡」同性戀,引發同志團體強烈不滿。許多文在寅的支持者認為,文在寅的這番說法只是反應出大多數韓國人的觀點。參加辯論的五名候選人中,只有代表正義黨的沈相奵公開支持同婚政策。

Apr 28.

Japan refuses to teach its children about LGBT+ issues. Children in Japan will not be taught about LGBT+ issues for at least 10 years after the government decided against including it in the curriculum. Human Rights Watch said the government had “missed an opportunity” in choosing not to include much-needed information about LGBT+ people to help children grow and learn. 日本拒絕教育兒童LGBT+議題。 日本政府決定在近10年內不把酷兒議題納入課綱,日本學童將不會學習到有關酷兒的訊息和知識。人權觀察組織表示,政府選擇不納入兒童成長與學習急需的酷兒相關訊息,實為錯失了良機。


Bill Nye uses ice cream to explain the ridiculousness of gay conversion therapy 比爾·奈(Bill Nye)藉由冰淇淋口味的多樣性來傳達性取向轉化療法的荒謬

List of Sorts...

These 11 LGBTQ TV Characters Probably Wouldn’t Exist Without Ellen DeGeneres 若不是艾倫·狄珍妮,這11位同志電視劇角色可能就不會存在

Sharing Perspectives

If you have time to read only one article about LGBTQ+, read this 如果只有一篇文章的時間,就讀這篇吧: Did Ellen's coming out episode really change TV for LGBT+ characters? 艾倫·狄珍妮的出櫃劇集真的為酷兒角色改變了電視圈嗎?

(Editing: NC Kwong, Art M., LEEWANG Ching)

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