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Queerious News Flash (Apr 18 - 24, 2017)

The good, the bad and the MUSHY


Apr 17.

Transgender and LGBT+ issues should be taught in nursery school to children as young as 2, according to a British teacher’s union. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) voted on a measure this week that would push for "age-appropriate content that would include promotion of an LGBT+ curriculum through all phases of the state education."

根據英國一個教師工會的說法,托兒所應該提供小至兩歲大的幼兒們有關跨性別和酷兒的相關教育。The Nation Union of Teachers(NUT)本週投票決定推動「適合各年齡,且包括LGBT+課程的國家教育」。

Apr 21.

To honor the memory of Gilbert Baker, NewFest and NYC Pride partnered with Ogilvy & Mather’s design team and created a font inspired by the Rainbow Flag named ‘Gilbert’. "By literally embedding the Rainbow Flag into the font we made it possible for everyone around the world to type with pride", they explain. The typeface is available for free download here. The creators also encourage members of the community to share their creations with the font, using the hashtag #TypeWithPride.

為了紀念吉爾伯特·貝克(Gilbert Baker),紐約同志影展、紐約驕傲遊行和奧美的設計團隊一起創造了一個靈感來自彩虹旗幟並名為「吉爾伯特”」的字體。新聞稿指出,藉著將彩虹旗子嵌進字體裡,他們希望世界各地的人們能驕傲地使用這字體書寫。創作者也鼓勵酷兒社群成員分享他們使用該字體創作的作品,使用主題標籤#TypeWithPride

(Image: Type with Pride)

Apr 22.

YouTube says it fixed the problem with Restricted Mode that was filtering LGBTQ+ content. YouTube has blamed a tech issue for accidentally censoring “hundreds of thousands” of LGBTQ+ videos earlier, including from the site’s biggest out content creators. 有鑒於過去大眾對 Youtube「嚴格篩選模式」功能的質疑,YouTube表示已經解決了過濾/隱藏同性戀相關影片的「嚴格篩選模式」問題,並使許多過去原被限制的影片,包括酷兒觀點的LGBTQ+影片,均可以正常觀看。


Apr 19.

Two female university students in China have drawn ire for holding up a giant banner that promoted blatant, anti-homosexual rhetoric and declaring that their university campus is no place for homosexuality has angered China’s LGBT+ community. “Protect Chinese traditional mores, defend core socialist values, resist corrosion from decadent Western thoughts, and keep homosexuality far from the university campus,” the banner read. The students were photographed during a basketball tournament at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Wuhan, Hubei Province. 中國一所大學近日發生「恐同」爭議,因為操場上突然出現一個橫幅,上面寫著「讓同性戀遠離大學校園」,引發各界撻伐。中國華中科技大學女子籃球隊隊員,最近在校園內掛起一個橫幅,寫著「維護中華民族傳統倫理,捍衛社會主義核心價值,抵制西方腐朽思想侵蝕,讓同性戀遠離大學校園」。

Apr 21.

Gunshots fired as Iran arrests over 30 men accused of being gay in violent raid. According to Canadian non-profit Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees, more than 30 men were arrested and charged with sodomy, as well as for drinking alcohol and using psychedelic drugs. 在伊朗,槍聲在一場暴力突襲中響起,當局並逮捕了30多名被指控為同性戀的男子。根據加拿大非營利團體Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees,這些男子因被指涉嫌雞姦、飲酒和使用迷幻藥物而被捕。

South Korean army reportedly using dating apps to ‘out’ gay soldiers. According to watchdog group the Military Human Rights Centre for Korea, military officials launched an army-wide search for gay and bisexual men after a video of two soldiers having sex was uploaded online. In the conservative country, gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people are harshly stigmatised and struggle to be politically visible, while powerful Christian lobby groups immobilise politicians seeking to pass anti-discrimination laws. 南韓軍方被指使用交友軟體,進而逼迫同性戀役男出櫃。南韓NGO「軍中人權中心」(MHRCK)指出,因南韓網路日前流傳一段兩名軍人的男男性愛影片,軍中即開始嚴查軍人的性傾向。在保守的南韓,男、女同志、雙性戀者和跨性別者都受到嚴厲的侮辱,在政治上是顯而易見的弱勢。且強大的基督教遊說團體正阻撓試圖通過反歧視法律的政治家們。

Apr 22.

Prosecutors in the northern Nigeria state of Kaduna have charged a group of 53 people with conspiring to celebrate a gay wedding. The Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, instituted in 2014 by former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, criminalizes same-sex marriage, and the registration of “gay clubs, societies and organizations,” and also bans public displays of affection between same-sex couples. 奈吉利亞北部Kaduna州的檢察官指控53人共謀慶祝同性戀婚禮。在2014年開始實施的「同性婚姻禁令法」,由前總統古德勒克·喬納森(Goodluck Jonathan)提出,將同性婚姻、「同性戀俱樂部、社團和組織」的註冊均定為犯罪行為,並禁止同性伴侶公開展示情感。

Apr 24.

Malaysia’s health ministry is permitting forms of so-called “spiritual healing” that practitioners claim can cure “LGBT problems”. Under a policy on “traditional and complementary medicine”, Malaysian hospitals are allowed to offer a string of practices which are totally unproven and have no scientific basis. It is illegal to be gay in some parts of Malaysia, where Islamic law is strictly applied. Gay people can face harsh penalties and persecution. 馬來西亞的衛生部將允許進行從事者聲稱可以治癒「同性戀問題」的所謂「靈性治療」。根據「傳統補充醫藥」政策,馬來西亞醫院將可提供一系列完全未經證實、無科學依據的「療程」。在馬來西亞某些嚴格執行伊斯蘭法律的地方,同性戀是非法的。同性戀者可能面臨嚴厲的處罰和迫害。


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(Editing: NC Kwong, LEEWANG Ching)

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