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Queerious News Flash (Apr 04 - 10, 2017)

The good, the bad and the MUSHY


Apr 04.

In an 8-3 decision, a U.S. appeals court, for the first time ever, ruled that the federal civil rights law protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees from discrimination in the workplace. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals said such discrimination violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and held that plaintiff Kimberly Hively's 2014 lawsuit against Ivy Tech Community College could proceed. Hively argued that the school violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it denied the adjunct instructor full-time employment based on her sexual orientation. 美國聯邦上訴法院4日以8比3裁定聯邦民權法保障男女同志、雙性戀者以及跨性別者(LGBT)雇員免於在職場遭受歧視。第七巡迴上訴法院法官指出,針對不同性取向的歧視也是性別歧視的一種,又指美國國會1964年通過的《民權法案》,條文列明不得因種族、膚色、宗教、國籍及性別而作出歧視。這項裁決也讓印地安納州的一件訴訟得以繼續進行,該案的原告海夫利(Kimberly Hively)表示,她因為是女同性戀者,而失去在社區大學的教職。

Apr 05. The singer Barry Manilow has said publicly that he is gay after keeping his sexuality secret for decades for fear of “disappointing his fans”. The 73-year-old music legend has been in a nearly 40-year romance with his manager-turned-husband Garry Kief. Manilow and Kief tied the knot in a secret ceremony at the singer’s Palm Springs estate in 2014.

美國資深歌手巴瑞曼尼洛(Barry Manilow)最近接受《時人雜誌》專訪時以73歲高齡公開出櫃,並透露另一半為經紀人基夫(Garry Kief)。他表示,為了「不想讓歌迷失望」,他隱瞞跟同性伴侶的關係長達40年,於2014年低調完婚。

The Pope recently welcomed the world's only openly gay leader and his husband at the Vatican. Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and his partner Gauthier Destenay, along with other European heads of state, were on hand for the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome last month.


Apr 06.

On Thursday, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the forced sterilization of transgender people who are seeking legal recognition of their gender identity violates their human rights. Twenty-two countries across Europe currently require sterilisation for legal gender amendment. This decision mandates that those countries change their laws. Only four European countries—Norway, Ireland, Malta and Denmark—currently have gender identity recognition policies that are based on the principle of self-determination without medical requirements. 歐洲人權法院週四裁定,強制跨性別者在尋求法律承認其性別前必須絕育,此舉違反他們的人權。 歐洲二十二個國家目前要求跨性別者在申請改變身分證性別登記前,先接受絕育手術。這項裁決命令這些國家必須改變其法律。目前,只有四個歐洲國家 - 挪威、愛爾蘭、馬耳他和丹麥,實施非醫療要求的自決原則性別認同政策。

(Photo taken from Transgender Europe)

The Indian government has instructed states to let transgender people use the public bathroom of their choice. 'They should be allowed to use the facility of their choice (men or women) in community or public toilets' the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation said in a statement. The ministry's guidelines were welcomed by activists, but despite progress in recent years, many transgender people in India continue to face discrimination and lack certain rights, such as the right to adopt children. 印度政府已指示各州允許跨性別者自由選擇欲使用的公共廁所。飲水與衛生部聲明,他們應該被允許在社區或公共廁所中使用他們選擇的設施(男性或女性)。社運人士對此准則表示歡迎,但儘管近年來跨性別者權益的爭取取得了部分進展,印度許多跨性別者仍然面臨歧視,且缺乏一些權利,例如收養兒童。

(Photo taken from


Apr 01.

Chechen police have rounded up more than 100 men suspected of being gay, killing three, according to reports by a leading opposition newspaper in Russia. Human rights activists in the area believe that authorities have been arresting and killing the missing men, all of whom are believed to be gay. Activists believe that the arrests and murders began after a gay rights group in the local area sought out permits to hold gay pride parades. 俄羅斯反對派報社的報道,車臣警方拘捕逾 100名疑似男同性戀者,當中至少 3人已被殺害。社運人士認為,逮捕和謀殺的起因為當地的一同志權益團體近日提出遊行申請。

Apr 07.

A federal appeals court on Friday denied a motion to expedite the case of a transgender student who is challenging his Virginia school district’s bathroom policy. The American Civil Liberties Union, who represents Gavin Grimm, asked the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to consider the case next month before their client graduates from Gloucester County High School. The teen appeared at the US Congress earlier this week, taking aim at President Trump and his administration for a policy which rolled back guidance in favour of trans teens introduced under the Obama administration. 聯邦上訴法院週五否決了一項動議,該動議是為加速處理一位跨性別學生對維吉尼亞州學區的廁所政策提出挑戰的的案件。代表Gavin Grimm的美國公民自由聯盟,要求第四巡回上訴法院下月在當事人還未畢業前進行聆訊。Gavin 在本周初出席美國國會會議,批評川普及其政府收回由歐巴馬政府引入有利於跨性別青年的政策的做法。

Two men were arrested in the Indonesian province of Aceh at the end of last month under the accusation they were gay and in a relationship. Police raided a rental home and alleged they caught the men while they were having sex. The police also said they found condoms in the home which proved their homosexuality. If convicted under the Islamic Sharia Law, the men could face a punishment of up to 100 lashes, pay a maximum fine of 1000 ounces of pure gold, or face 100 months in jail. 兩名男子被其鄰居檢舉指控他們犯下同性性行為,於上個月在印尼的亞齊省遭當地警方逮捕。警方突擊兩人租屋處,並指稱將兩人發生性行為時逮個正著。 警方還說,在「犯罪現場」發現了兩人為同性戀的証據(保險套)。如果根據「伊斯蘭教法」被定罪,這兩人最高可被罰鞭刑100下、入獄100個月或重罰1公斤黃金。


Watch this touching ad normalizing transgender motherhood in India, where the issue is stigmatized (with English subtitles) 請欣賞這部描述一位印度跨性別媽媽的感人廣告,旨在提高社會對跨性別母親的認識。(英文字幕)

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(Editing: Nicky Kwong, Marika Tait, LEEWANG Ching)

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