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Queerious News Flash (Mar 28 - Apr 03, 2017)

The good, the bad and the WACKY


Mar 27.

Last October, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) officially banned non-local companies from funding Pink Dot, Singapore’s most prominent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride event. However, the vacuum left by foreign sponsorship has sparked off a massive influx of local companies stepping up to pledge their support for this year’s edition of Pink Dot. The number of locally based brands and firms showing their monetary support for this year’s Pink Dot SG 2017 has risen substantially, from five in 2016 to 50 this year. So far these local firms are providing almost 70 percent of the necessary funding for the event. 去年十月,新加坡內政部正式禁止非本地公司資助當地最著名的LGBT同志驕傲活動 -- Pink Dot。然而,這項針對國外贊助商的禁令,卻激發了新加坡的本地公司主動承諾出資贊助今年的活動。支持今年Pink Dot SG 2017活動的本地品牌和公司數量大幅上升,從2016年的五個增長到今年的五十個。 到目前為止,這些本土企業已為活動提供近70%的所需資金。

Mar 28. Snickers and Gay Star News have launched a campaign to help LGBTI people ‘be who you are’. A new part of the Gay Star News site, Gay Star Support, will provide resources for anyone in the community who is struggling and will tell stories of LGBTIs who have been through tough times and now want to help others. The campaign has even gotten the blessing of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who says the initiative is “helping people to share their own experiences and break down the stigma around mental health.”

士力架和Gay Star News同志新聞媒體共同發起活動,鼓勵同志們勇敢“做自己”。Gay Star Support為Gay Star News新聞網站的新專欄,將為社群中正在克服困境的人提供相關資源,並由曾歷經艱難時期的同志講述自己的故事,令已走過困境的同志們可以藉此機會回饋並幫助其他正經歷困境的人。該運動甚至獲得了倫敦市長薩迪克汗的祝福,他說該計劃「能幫助人們分享自己的經驗,並打破心理健康背負的污名。」

(Photo from

Mar 31.

A transgender World War II veteran proves it’s never too late to live life truthfully. Born Peter, Patricia Davies, from Leicestershire, says she has known since the age of three that she was female but kept her identity a secret for most of her life for fear she would be shunned by her peers or forced to undergo electric shock treatment. Davies, who married when she was 21, eventually came out to her supportive wife in 1987. Her wife, to whom she was married for 63 years, bought Davies jewelry and dresses that she could wear in private. Sadly, her wife passed away six years ago.


Returning to television on April 15th, actress Pearl Mackie will play the first openly gay companion to the eponymous space-hopping doc in 'Doctor Who', saying “It shouldn’t be a big deal in the 21st Century. It’s about time, isn’t it?” She added that being gay doesn't define her character, Bill Potts — it’s something that’s part of her and something that she’s very happy and very comfortable with.

演員Pearl Mackie在即將於4月15日播出的《神秘博士》中扮演主角神秘博士第一位公開的同性戀同伴,她說「這在21世紀不應該是什麼大事了。也是時候(有非異性戀伴侶)了,不是嗎?」在BBC的採訪中,她也表示該角色不僅僅是同性戀,性向只是Bill Potts的一部分,而且Bill對其感到非常快樂與自在。


Mar 29.

The US Census Bureau announced that the next national census in 2020 won’t include questions related to sexual orientation or gender identity. Thus the Trump administration has formally canceled plans to probe Americans for their sexual orientation in the 2020 Census, nixing efforts by congressional Democrats who wanted a better picture of the country’s increasingly complex family and sexual dynamics. 美國人口普查局宣布,於2020年的全國人口普查將不包括與性傾向或性別認同有關的問題。因此,川普執政的政府正式取消了在2020年人口普查中調查美國人性傾向的計劃,阻擋了民主黨國會議員們想更深入了解該國日益複雜的家庭與性別多元的努力。

Mar 31.

Gilbert Baker, the openly gay artist and civil rights activist who designed the rainbow flag in 1978, has died at the age of 65. Harvey Milk, who was the first openly gay man elected to public office in California, rode under the first rainbow flags made by Baker at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade in June 1978.

同志彩虹旗永飄揚 設計者辭世,享壽65歲。加州第一位當選公職的出櫃男同志哈維.米克,於1978年6月舊金山同性戀自由日遊行,在貝克制作的首批彩虹旗下驅車經過。

(Photo from Maxwell Photography Blog)

Apr 02.

A handful of demonstrators affiliated with the Student Alliance for the Protection of Families shouted slogans calling for “inappropriate” gender equality education classes to be stopped on Saturday outside the Ministry of Education. They urged the Ministry to revise the guidelines of the gender equity curriculum to avoid encouraging sexual exploration and homosexuality. However, there were also students from the Taiwan Youth Sexual Equality Association staging a simultaneous counter-protest at the same location. 反同婚團體「捍衛家庭學生聯盟」昨天(4月1日)到教育部前抗議,抨擊現行的「性別平等教育」灌輸錯誤的觀念,並變調成為「同志養成」教育,要求停止授課。他們呼籲教育部應盡速修法,並去除當中的多元性別意識形態,以維護婚姻家庭價值。不過現場也有婚姻平權團體高舉彩虹旗,表達不同訴求。


China’s hottest new boy band is actually made up of five androgynous girls. The band is affectionately known as Acrush. They already have nearly 1 million followers on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. Acrush also doesn’t use the pronouns he or she, instead preferring the genderless phrase, ‘meishaonian’, which means “handsome youths.” 中國最熱門的新男子樂團實際上由五名中性女生組成。這個名為Acrush的團體已擁有近100萬的微博粉絲。Acrush的成員都不使用他或她的代詞,而選擇使用無性別的「美少年」一代詞。

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