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Queerious News Flash (Mar 21 - Mar 27, 2017)

The good, the bad and the WACKY


Mar 21.

Good news to Malaysians who want to watch Beauty and The Beast, and Power Rangers. After much local controversy, Beauty and The Beast has been cleared for release in the Muslim-majority country on March 30 with a PG13 rating. Power Rangers' director hinted that Yellow Ranger might be gay. Fortunately, the movie will be released in Malaysia uncut with a PG13 rating as well. Depictions of gay people in Malaysia are only allowed if they show the character repenting or dying. However, Russia made the new Power Rangers film an 18 because of a gay character. 想看 《美女與野獸》和《金剛戰士》的馬來西亞影迷終於可以如願以償了!幾經風波後,《美女與野獸》將於3月30日以「13歲輔導級」上映。《金剛戰士》疑涉同性戀元素傳捲入禁映命運,但馬國電檢局主席出面表示,《金》片確定一刀不剪同樣將以「13歲輔導級」上映,即便在馬國同志角色往往只被允許有「悔改」或死掉的戲份。另一方面,金剛戰士不敵《反同性戀宣傳法》,遭俄羅斯列為18禁電影

Mar 24. Japan has finally updated its national bullying prevention policy to include protections for sexual and gender diverse students. The Basic Policy for the Prevention of Bullying released by the Ministry of Education states that schools should stop bullying based on sexual orientation or gender identity by “promot[ing] proper understanding of teachers on…sexual orientation/gender identity as well as mak[ing] sure to inform on the school’s necessary measures regarding this matter.” 日本終於更新了其國家霸凌預防政策,把性取向與性別多樣的學生納入保護範圍。教育部發佈的《防止校園霸凌基本方針》聲明學校必須停止基於性取向或性別認同的欺凌行為,應透過「促進教師們對於性取向/性別認同的的正確理解,並須告知學校有關此重大事件的必要措施。」

Taiwan’s Constitutional Court held a historical public hearing on two marriage equality petitions where a panel of 14 grand justices would rule on the claims that whether Taiwan’s Civil Code, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, is unconstitutional because it discriminates against gay couples. A brief and precise analysis of the hearing can be read here. 台灣的司法院召開憲法法庭就同志婚姻邀請學者、專家說明進行言詞辯論,並開庭全面直播。此次14位法官出席的會議就審理中的兩件同婚釋憲案開庭,言詞辯論爭點題綱為「民法第4編親屬第2章婚姻規定是否容許同性別二人結婚?」、「如立法創設非婚姻之其他制度(例如同性伴侶),是否符合憲法第7條保障平等權以及第22條保障婚姻自由之意旨」等。

Mar 25.

Orange is the New Black stars Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley have tied the knot in Palm Springs, California following their engagement last year. 幸福女女黑白配!《勁爆女子監獄》女星與編劇喜結連理


Mar 17-20.

On Mar 17, many prominent LGBT YouTube content creators have become irate after discovering that YouTube’s “Restricted Mode” was automatically hiding their videos, regardless of the actual content. Several days later, YouTube defended its decision to hide LGBT content from viewers, and it provoked an outpouring of anger from users. 性別歧視或演算法出錯?YouTube遭用戶指控刻意隱藏同性戀影片 。 然而幾天後Youtube 對阻攔 LGBTQ 影片作出回應,竟引起更多不滿

Mar 21.

President Duterte reversed a campaign promise in which he pledged to support legislation to allow gay unions. In 2015, Mr Duterte appeared on a national talk show where he said same-sex marriage was "good... everyone deserves to be happy". He now opposes gay marriage in the Philippines.菲律賓總統杜特爾特扭轉了先前選舉時承諾支持同性婚姻合法化的立場。2015年,杜特爾特在一個全國性的談話節目中,表示:“好,每個人都應該得到幸福”。他現在則反對菲律賓實施同性婚姻


A touching advertisement from ANZ Banking Group: #HoldTight 澳盛銀行集團感人的廣告: 緊握。不放

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(Editing: William Yang, LEEWANG Ching)

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