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Queerious News Flash (Mar 01 - Mar 07, 2017)

The good, the bad and the WACKY

Mar 01, 2017

Today, the Federation of Gay Games has announced its shortlist for the 2022 Gay Games. Hong Kong could be the first Asian country to host the games since its inception in 1982. The other two shortlisted cities are Washington D.C., US and Guadalajara, Mexico. The winning city will be announced in November, after hearing the final pitch from all the bidding teams in the autumn.

香港殺入三強 首亞洲地區入圍角逐同志運動會主辦權

Mar 02, 2017

Finland becomes the 12th European country to legalize same-sex marriage with the same rights as heterosexual couples to take each other’s surname and adopt children. Finland has allowed same-sex unions, or partnerships since 2002, but with restricted rights. This is yet more good news coming from Europe in which the Slovenian government passed a new law in late Feb allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, though it does not allow them to adopt children, other than those from a spouse’s previous marriage.


Mar 04, 2017

Sydney hosted the 2017 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, where hundreds of thousands of people converged on the city’s Oxford Street to celebrate its 39th annual Mardi Gras parade - one of Australia's most famous and well-loved events. The world-renowned pride parade for Australia’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex, trans and queer community wound its way through the streets of Sydney with 184 floats, 12,000 participants and hundreds of thousands on the sidelines.

全球規模最大!雪梨同性戀狂歡節繽紛登場 : 雪梨同性戀狂歡節(Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras)是為期三週的節慶,活動多達上百種,壓軸是 3 月第一個星期六著名的同性戀狂歡節遊行(Mardi Gras parade)和派對。

Mar 05, 2017

Justin Timberlake who won the Song of the Year at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Award dedicated his win to all the kids who feel 'different', although part of his address was muted. The singer took the stage to accept his award, explaining that his song “Can’t Stop The Feeling” is about “inclusion” and “being together”.

「與眾不同代表你能創造不同」 賈斯汀霸氣爆粗挺不同膚色性向青少年

Mar 06, 2017

Guest writer Daryl Yang offers an updated look into the LGBTQ inclusivity climate within Singapore’s tertiary institutions in this piece, aptly named “How LGBT-Inclusive Are Singapore Universities?” Even though university administrations are actively obstructing any effort to foster a more inclusive environment, young Singaporeans continues to lead the way in fostering and promoting a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students in campuses.

作者Daryl Yang在其“談新加坡大專院校的LGBT包容性”一文中討論了新加坡高等教育機構的LGBTQ包容性。文中提到,儘管大學行政部門積極阻礙學生們努力創造一個更具包容性的高教環境,新加坡年輕人依然不遺余力全力推廣、促進和增進校園內LGBTQ +學生的安全和包容性環境等重要議題。

Mar 07, 2017

Supporters and advocates for transgender rights were left disappointed when the US Supreme Court decided to drop the landmark transgender school bathroom case. In a brief order, the Supreme Court stated that it will no longer hear this major transgender rights case on whether public schools should allow students to use bathroom matching their gender identities. The move follows President Trump’s reversal of Obama-era protections for trans students in public school bathrooms. This also reverses a lower court ruling in favor of Gavin Grimm, a 17-year-old who sued his Virginia high-school for the right to use the boys’ bathroom. Now the case is being sent back to a lower court for further consideration.

美國高等法院決議不審理維吉尼亞州「格林案」,一名17歲跨性別男孩格林(Gavin Grimm)控告所就讀的郡立學校理事會不願讓他進入男廁。這是川普續於22日宣布推翻前總統歐巴馬引以為傲的跨性別友善廁所政策的第一個重大影響。歐巴馬於2016年5月指示公立學校,允許跨性別學生依其對自身性別的認同使用浴廁。這將顛覆了地方法院裁決格林勝訴的審判結果。現在該案件將被送回地方法院重新審理。

Lists of sorts...

Shameful 76: The 76 countries around the world that make being LGBT illegal.

Sharing Perspectives

If you have time to read only one article about LGBTQ+, read this

As A Trans Woman, I’ve Seen Nerd Culture’s Misogyny From Both Sides

(Editing: Art M; Andrew Wang)

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