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Taiwan Contemplates Banning Gay Conversion Therapy 台灣擬禁「性向矯正治療」

(Photo credit: Hannah Fazio)

Conversion therapy is a controversial psychological or spiritual procedure that aims to change one’s sexual orientation status to that of being heterosexual. It has been discredited by mainstream medical and mental health organizations in North America and Europe for not only treating homosexuality as a disorder, but also being unethical and ineffective. Taiwan is currently contemplating prohibiting gay conversion therapy. If the measure passes, physicians who prescribe the treatment will be punished with fines as high as NT$100,000.


Read more - 閱讀更多: Taiwan mulls ban on controversial gay conversion therapy, Hong Kong Free Press

人權大躍進!衛福部擬禁「性傾向扭轉治療」, 聯合報UDN

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