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Queerious Taiwan is an ongoing project that aims to embrace and bridge various elements of the Taiwanese LGBT community: up-to-date news and vibrant pop culture, Chinese-language and English-language content, and amplifying the voices of all manner of people in the rainbow of queer Taiwan. What started as an inkling among friends discussing the need for more bilingual sources and news translation grew into a fully-fledged, cooperative effort to be the ones to fill that gap, with teams of contributors producing and translating posts celebrating the diversity of the people visiting and living in this island nation.

Queerious Taiwan酷兒思台灣是一個如火如荼進行中的計畫,旨在透過最即時的新聞、充滿活力的流行文化與中英文的雙語內容,和台灣LGBTQ社群中各式各樣成員的聲音,來擁抱,並橋接台灣LGBT社群中的各種落差。一開始,只是一群朋友討論雙語資訊與新聞來源的匱乏,隨後卻演變成大家起身協力填補該不足 - 不同小組的貢獻者合作產出、翻譯內容,以歡慶造訪這座島國的人們的多樣性。

Along with providing the latest news on happenings affecting LGBT folks in Taiwan, Queerious emphasizes giving a space for queer people and allies from all walks of life to tell their stories. Whether it be reactions to current events, tales of coming out and getting to know the community, inspiring stories of love and family, or raw portraits of darker times in life, we want your message to be heard.



Queerious seeks to break with convention by publishing honest, wide-ranging topics, from sex positivity to healthcare issues and intersectional pieces. This blog also actively promotes businesses inclusive of LGBT people and friends, helping to build networks of positive, welcoming faces and spaces across the island.

Queerious期待能藉由直率地探討廣泛議題,如正向性觀念、醫療保健,以及多元交織(intersectional)的評析,來挑戰常規。 這個部落格並且積極宣揚擁抱LGBT與其朋友的企業,以在島上促成一個充滿正向、歡迎面孔與空間的網絡。

Have some breaking news, your own business, or want to contribute a compelling story? You can contact us at taiwan.lgbt.blog@gmail.com

有突發新聞、想談談你的公司,或是想貢獻一個吸睛的故事嗎? 您可以透過taiwan.lgbt.blog@gmail.com與我們聯繫。


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Alexis Goh

Malaysian. Mid Gen-Xer. In Taiwan since Aug 2011. Loves everything Taiwanese except stinky tofu. Full-time Booknerd/TV addict. Part-time PhD candidate/Research assistant/Journal editorial assistant. Freelance Translator/Writer. Introversion. Multilingual. Knowledge Junkie. Nomadic Hermit. Improv Cook. Pragmatic Skeptic. Always thinking about love, life & death, and life after death.



Cat Jensen

Originally from Idaho, U.S.A., Cat arrived in Taiwan in 2015, and fell in love with the island and all its amazing culture, food, scenery, and people. She has been with Queerious since its inception and writes all variety of queerable content. When she’s not working on the blog, she likes to draw, take spontaneous trips, learn languages obsessively, play games, and cook vegetarian food.

來自美國愛達荷州,姜苓在2015年抵達台灣,並且與這座島嶼和她精彩的文化、食物、景緻與人墜入愛河。她從酷兒思的最開始就參與,為Queerious 編寫各種超酷内容。當她沒在忙這個部落格時,她喜歡畫畫、隨興地旅行、學習語言、玩遊戲和烹調素食。

Hannah Fazio

Hannah Fazio is an American-Canadian studying Taiwan’s marriage equality movement. She enjoys making kumquat jam and stargazing. She loves life’s serendipitous moments. She hopes you’ll cross paths soon.

Hannah Fazio是加拿大長大的美國人,正在研究台灣的婚姻平權運動。她喜歡煮金桔果醬和觀星、喜歡人生中的偶然。希望改天就與你巧遇。

LeeWang, Ching

Ching is an introvert who's either struggling with crushes or busy thinking about saving the world. He believes that by connecting people, amazing things happen organically- maybe that's why he is the founding organizer of Taipei LGBTQ Social Group Meetup. Naomi Klein is his favorite author.

清是個如果沒在小情小愛裡掙扎,就是在忙著想如何拯救世界的內向性格者。他相信只要連結人們,美妙的事就會自然發生,也許就是這個原因才創辦了台北LGBTQI社交聚會吧。最喜歡的作家是Naomi Klein。

Marc Hsu

Marc is a pop culture enthusiast who is passionate about digital media, origami, and making food look delicious and taste great!  



Marika is a queer vegan kiwi girl who loves writing everything except bios about herself. She is new to Taiwan and is not sure if she ever wants to leave. She loves to hike, dance, and hang out at cafes, and needs to sleep far more than she currently does. She is wondering why this is starting to sound like a dating profile, and would like to stop writing this now.  


NC Kwong

Born in Hong Kong, NC loves living like a local wherever she can, disappearing in the back alleys of Bangkok, Berlin, Melbourne, Munich and, of course, Taipei.  Coming from a Biology and Gender Studies background, NC checks the female box on forms, though she is often tempted to add footnotes on the definition of female.


Steve Burt

Steve has loved Taiwan ever since his first day here in February 2016. After a year away he has returned and couldn't be happier. He enjoys dodging traffic in Taipei and the endless new food experiences this country has to offer, as well as the hot springs. Overall Steve believes in the unlimited positive future of Taiwan and would love being a part of what makes this place so special: its people.

從2016年2月下飛機的第一天起,Steve就愛上台灣。即使經過一年的分離, 他在台灣的好友, 催促他返回台灣。Steve喜歡在台北暢快的騎機車和體驗這個國家試不完的美食,以及溫泉。Steve 相信台灣有無限的美好未來,並希望能融入台灣人,成為台灣最美的風景。

Wei Chen

Wei is a 26-year-old man who is now back to student life after two years’ suffering at work. A sports and travel enthusiast, he can’t live without exercising for a week and was born to be an adventurer. Being a backpacker and a couch surfer, and traveling around the world, is one of his dreams. He hates being alone and that’s why he loves meeting new people. He is still learning how to accept his queer identity.


William Yang

William writes about technology for a living, but has his mind set on writing about human rights and culture for life. He enjoys storytelling and is always intrigued by the untold stories of some of the most seemingly ordinary individuals. When he has time to himself he also reads, dabbles in photography, and plays tennis and volleyball. He began his career as a writer and has no plan of stopping.


William 在科技業工作,心之所向卻是為人權發聲及為文化探索而寫作。他是個說書人,也著迷於無數的故事及平凡人物的日常。偶爾,他是個書痴、涉略一些攝影、也是網球和排球的愛好者。他正走在無止盡的寫作路上。

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