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Queerious Taiwan is an ongoing bilingual project that aims to celebrate diversity and bridge gaps between English-speaking and Chinese-speaking members of the LGBT community in Taiwan. 


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November 25, 2019

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Queerious News Flash ( Jan - Jul 2018 )

August 15, 2018

The Good, the Bad and the Wacky





Hong Kong Officially Signed To Host The 2022 Gay Games

Hong Kong’s bidding committee for the 2022 Gay Games has officially signed the license agreement with the Federation of Gay Games. Hong Kong has won the right to host, becoming the first Asian country to stage the festival of sport, after beating competing bids from 16 cities including finalists Washington DC, USA and Guadalajara, Mexico.


2022年同樂運動會香港申辦組織委員會已正式與同志運動會聯合會簽署許可協議。 在擊敗來


(Photo taken from Gay Games 2022 Hong Kong)




The Pulitzer Prize Celebrated Three Gay Writers This Year

The 2018 Pulitzer Prize honored multiple writers this year and three of them happened to be openly gay. The first winner was journalist Ronan Farrow who stated that he “identifies with the LGBTQ community” last month while giving an acceptance speech for a different award. The next winner was novelist Andrew Sean Greer, who identifies as gay. Greer won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for his novel Less. Lastly, poet Frank Bidart also received a Pulitzer for his collection of poems titled Half-light: Collected Poems 1954-2016.


今年多位作家榮獲了普立茲獎,其中三位恰好是已出櫃的酷兒。第一位獲獎者是記者Ronan Farrow,他在上個月的另一個獎項發表受獎答辭時表示他『 認同作為酷兒團體的一份子 』。另一位是以小說《 Less 》得獎的同志小說家Andrew Sean Greer。詩人 Frank Bidart 則是最後一位酷兒得獎者,他的詩集《 Half-light: Collected Poems 1954-2016 》深得評委的青睞。


Weibo reverses ban on gay content after outcry in China

Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, has reversed a ban on homosexual content after the LGBT community accused the company of unfairly grouping gay content with violence and pornography. Last year, a survey by Newsweek placed Beijing at the bottom of a list of 100 best to worst places to live for people from the LGBT community. Shanghai came in at number 89, while Hong Kong placed 83.

微博封殺同性戀內容   引中國網民怒吼急喊卡

4月13日晚間,新浪微博發出官方公告決定封鎖同性戀相關內容後,引發新浪微博網友反彈,上萬人透過「#我是同志我拒絕被清查#」等標籤聲援同志族群。三天後,新浪微博官方帳號態度急轉彎,發文指出「本次遊戲動漫清理不再針對同性戀內容,只針對涉黃、血腥暴力題材內容,感謝大家的討論和建議。」Newsweek 周刊於去年的一項調查顯示,在全球同志酷兒最友善百大國家名單中,北京排行最後,上海第89,香港則居於第83位。



India’s largest psychiatric body declassifies homosexuality as a mental illness

The Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS), India’s largest psychiatric body has declassified homosexuality as a mental illness. This is a small victory, though. Homosexuality is still illegal in India under Section 377, and conversion therapy is still common. India's Supreme Court is currently reviewing Section 377, and is expected to declare whether or not to uphold it by October.


印度最大的精神病學會(IPS)將同性戀去病化,但此項作為僅是同志平權運動當中的一個小小勝利。 根據印度法律第377條,同性戀在該國仍然是非法行為,「性傾向矯正療法」亦很常見。 印度最高法院目前正在審查第377條,預計將在10月前宣布是否繼續支持該條款。


First-ever transgender Miss Universe contestant

Angela Ponce, 27, won this year’s Miss Universe Spain and becomes the first transgender woman to compete in the global beauty pageant. The Miss Universe competition has allowed transgender contestants to compete since 2012.

跨性別佳麗奪西班牙小姐   將為國爭光選環姐

27歲的Angela Ponce 摘下今年「西班牙環球小姐」后冠。她也是自「環球小姐」選美開放讓變性人參賽6年以來,首位參賽並且摘冠的變性佳麗。




Same-sex civil unions one step closer to becoming a reality in Thailand

Thailand’s first ever Bill to allow civil same-sex partnerships is one step closer to becoming law. The Justice Ministry is putting the finishing touches on the draft Civil Partnership Bill and should be ready by September. While this bill seems promising, it has a long journey ahead of itself before it becomes law. This includes several public hearings and private meetings. If passed, the Bill will give same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.


泰國已允許將同性伴侶登記結婚的提案送進國會。司法部正在對同性民事伴侶關係法案進行最後修改,並應在9月份之前完成。 雖然這個法案看似有望成真,但若要通過立法恐怕還要一段時間。其立法之路還包括多次的公開聽證會和私人會議。 如果該法案通過,則將賦予同性伴侶與異性戀伴侶相同的權利。


Grandson of Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew comes out as gay

Li Huanwu, a 31-year-old who works as a general manager, came out earlier this month through a feature with the magazine Out in Singapore. Li Huanwu is the grandson of Singapore’s first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew. He is also the nephew of current prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong. Together with his 27-year-old veterinarian partner named Yirui Heng, Li has asked others to support the annual Pink Dot event, only a short time after coming out.

李光耀孫李桓武出櫃  星網友關注同志議題

星國建國總理李光耀的31歲孫子李桓武最近公開與27歲的獸醫男友合照引起熱議,他也是現任總理李顯龍的侄子。他在本月初透過新加坡《 Out 》雜誌中的一篇專題文章正式踏出櫃子 ,要求其他人支持年度「 粉紅點」 活動,希望各界多關心同志平權議題。


Osaka begins official recognition of LGBT partnerships

The city of Osaka said it will begin issuing cards in July serving as proof of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples certified by the city authorities. The western Japanese city is set to become the eighth municipality in Japan recognizing partnerships of sexual minorities on July 9 in the absence of same-sex marriage in the country. Tokyo's Shibuya and Setagaya wards became the first local governments to recognize such partnerships in 2015, and the cities of Iga, Takarazuka, Naha, Sapporo and Fukuoka have followed.





Olympians, politicians endorse Taiwan athletes before Gay Games

Gay Games 2018 will be held in Paris from August 4 - 28. Precisely 25 competitors from Taiwan were invited by the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) to take part in this year’s Games, where more than 10,000 athletes from more than 90 nations are to compete in more than 500 events. The Taiwan team will compete in the inline skating, table tennis, and swimming events. One-third of the team is made up of national athletes, according to Yahoo.  The Taiwan LGBT Sport Association proudly unveiled their slogan, "Taiwan comes out!" (台灣站出來).


國際同志運動會(Gay Games)今年8月將在巴黎盛大舉行,主辦方法國今年邀請台灣參與,並強調完全尊重我方意志,台灣代表隊將有25名選手出賽,更有1/3已是國家隊級選手,實力堅強,將參加直排輪、桌球與游泳等比賽項目。台灣同志運動發展協會在記者會上宣布將以「Taiwan Comes Out!台灣站出來!」口號,正式誓師「台灣隊」前進巴黎參賽。根據資料顯示,目前參賽國有92個國家與地區,比賽場館將近50個、選手上萬人、將有超過500場賽事,規模不輸國際奧運。

(Photo taken from Taiwan News)


Free housing to be offered to impoverished LGBTs in Tokyo

Japan’s capital city, Tokyo, will start giving impoverished LGBTI people free housing from November this year. A group decided to offer the temporary housing to LGBTI people after it was revealed many end up homeless. LGBTI people who face abuse from family or lose their job because of harassment are very likely to end up poor and homeless in Japan. LGBTI people also face difficulties renting because landlords regularly discriminate against the community because of sexual and/or gender identity.




Same-Sex Couples Entitled to Equal Visa Rights, Hong Kong Court Says

Hong Kong’s top court ruled that committed same-sex couples living in the city had the same rights to spousal visas as married heterosexual couples, a decision that advocates said could have ripple effects in advancing gay rights. The ruling also came a day after the University of Hong Kong released the results of a 2017 poll showing that more than half of Hong Kong residents surveyed support same-sex marriage, compared with 38 percent in 2013.

香港歷史性判決   同性伴侶可獲配偶簽證







Malaysian government funding conversion therapy targeting transgender women

A Malaysian state plans to run a conversion therapy course aimed at transgender women, sparking alarm among LGBT activists in the Muslim-majority country. Participation in the course would be voluntary, an official said, adding that the program would include medical, psychological and religious experts, as well as transgender women who have "returned to normal lives".

大馬政府設「性傾向治療課」  將試圖「矯正」跨性別女



Taipei court rejects third lesbian couple

The Taipei High Administrative Court has rejected another marriage appeal filed by a lesbian couple, after a Taipei household office refused to register their partnership. The women, Jennifer Lu and Chen Ling, are the third same-sex couple to be turned down by the court since October 2017.

釋憲後第3起同婚訴訟  法院駁回





Indonesia classifies homosexuality as 'mental disorder'

Indonesia’s Health Ministry declared homosexuality a “mental disorder” this month, the first step toward what activists worry is all-out criminalization of same-sex relations. Homosexuality is legal in most of Indonesia, except for the Aceh province, which is governed by sharia law. The Indonesian Parliament is currently discussing an amendment to the penal code to criminalize homosexuality in the country.


印尼衛生部本月宣布會將同性戀列為「精神障礙」,使得人權人士擔心這將會是把同性關係全面犯罪化的第一步。除了受伊斯蘭教法管轄的亞齊省外,同性戀在印尼大部分地區都是合法的。 印尼議會目前正在討論修訂刑法,意圖將該國的同性戀定為犯罪行為。





Malaysia Begins Blocking Online AIDS/HIV and LGBT Travel Information

In a first for the country, Malaysia’s censors have begun blocking access to websites about HIV and LGBTI information. The Sinar Project, a Malaysian media watchdog first noticed the restricted access to Utopia-Asia.com in early May. But people had begun noticing they could not access the website in Malaysia from April. Utopia-Asia.com is a Bangkok based HIV and LGBTI travel information hub. It’s the longest running website of its kind in the region.

馬來西亞開始封鎖線上 AIDS/HIV 和 LGBT+ 旅遊信息

馬來西亞的審查機構已經開始封鎖該國國人點閱有關愛滋病毒和LGBTI+信息的網站,此事件為該國首例。馬來西亞媒體監管機構Sinar於在5月初開始注意到Utopia-Asia.com的網站被封鎖,但人們早在一個月前就已經察覺無法點閱該網站。Utopia-Asia.com是一個駐點於曼谷的愛滋病和LGBTI+ 旅遊信息中心,也是該區域經營最久的相關網站。




India's Censorship Organization Banned The Gay Film "Love, Simon"

The movie, Love Simon has been banned in India. Why? Because of its content that revolves around gays. The Central Board Of Film Certification has pushed this film indefinitely, and the decision has been taken by CBFC keeping in mind the content of the film. In March, the government of Tunisia banned the movie, Call Me By Your Name as it was deemed as unacceptable, as it is illegal to be gay in Tunisia.






China is trying to ban the Taiwanese flag from the Gay Games in Paris

LGBTI advocates in Taiwan are outraged at the Chinese government’s plan to stop them waving their national flag at the Gay Games. Further reports have surfaced that organizers of the Paris Gay Games are under pressure to stop Taiwan from competing under that name, and use ‘Chinese Taipei’ instead of ‘Taiwan’.


第十屆「世界同志運動會(Gay Games)」8月4日將於法國巴黎舉行,我國原先以台灣隊名義參賽,且能升起中華民國國旗,但日前法國主辦方被當局政府告知,中國試圖禁止台灣隊在在巴黎同性戀運動會上的揮舞台灣國旗,並要求將「Taiwan」更名為「Chinese Taipei」。





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LGBT Elders Read Letters To Younger Self

酷兒長者讀信「 寫給年輕的自己」


Witness the sheer joy on Martin’s face as he celebrates his first LGBT Pride when he is 85.

見證喜悅: 85歲的馬丁慶祝生平第一次同志驕傲遊行




The 21 Celebrity Coming Out Stories That Moved Us In 2017

快來看看 21位名人於2017年出櫃的精彩故事


Sharing Perspectives

If you have time to read only one article about LGBTQ+, read this


Pro-wrestler comes out as gay after finding love – read his inspiring story

職業摔跤手遇見愛情後出櫃  一起看看他鼓舞人心的故事




(Editing: John Grzelak , Lili)


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