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Queerious Taiwan is an ongoing bilingual project that aims to celebrate diversity and bridge gaps between English-speaking and Chinese-speaking members of the LGBT community in Taiwan. 


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November 25, 2019

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Queerious News Flash (Jul 18-31, 2017)

August 7, 2017

The Good, the Bad and the Mushy



Jul 19.

Scottish government proposes introduction of gender-neutral toilets in schools. The government in Scotland have revealed plans to roll out gender-neutral toilets in schools. The new proposal suggests that they update this law to make sure that people with disabilities are cared for, along with plans to “address gender issues”. The move has already been welcomed by many equality campaigners, who say it will help reduce bullying, as well as making toilets safer for young people.
蘇格蘭政府預計在學校設立性別中立的廁所。蘇格蘭政府透露,已計劃在學校設置性別中立的廁所。為了新的建議,政府必須改寫法律,以確保身智障人士受到照顧,並計劃「正視性別問題」。 平權社運人士非常歡迎這項舉措,指出該措施將減少欺凌,並為年輕人確保使用廁所的安全性。

Jul 21.

German President signs bill legalizing gay marriage. The presidential office said President Frank-Walter Steinmeier signed the legislation on Thursday. The law could take effect as early as October 2017. Germany has allowed same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships since 2001, but until now has not granted them full marital rights including the possibility of jointly adopting children. This law enables Germany to follow up the steps of many Western European countries.
德國總統簽署同性婚姻法,今秋生效。德國總統史坦麥爾 (Frank-Walter Steinmeier) 已於週四(7/20)簽署同性婚姻合法化法案,為法案於今年十月生效鋪路。德國自2001年起已經准許同性伴侶享有民事結合權利,但至今尚未獲得包括共同領養孩童等完整的婚姻權利。這次修法讓德國跟上許多西歐國家的腳步。

Jul 23.

Gay marriage backers celebrate in Germany: ‘We don’t need to hide’. Thousands of marchers flooded the streets of Berlin for the annual Christopher Street Day parade on Saturday in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights. Despite patches of rain, brightly-colored crowds danced as music blared from trucks along the parade route with partygoers holding multicolored banners and placards and others donning elaborate costumes. Check out more photos from Berlin Pride.
同婚支持者在德國慶祝:「我們再也不需要隱藏」。 數以萬計民眾於周六參與德國柏林的年度同志大遊行。大部分參與者顯然是來慶祝具有里程碑意義的同性婚姻法,此法案將於10月生效。雖然遊行開始時下大雨,很多遊行者穿著多彩服裝,風格多元 -- 動漫、前衛風格等等。眾人隨著遊行隊伍的卡車即興起舞,也伴隨著多彩多姿的布條和標語牌。更多柏林同志大遊行內容,請看連結


Gay men to be allowed to donate blood three months after having sex under new UK Government policy. The UK Government accepted the recommendations of the advisory committee on the safety of blood, tissues and organs (SaBTO) on changing the deferral periods for blood donations from gay men. Under new policy, gay and bisexual men will now be allowed to donate blood three months after having sex as opposed to a full year.
英國新法公布,允許男同志間性交後三個月捐血。英國政府接受血液、組織及器官(SaBTO) 委員會的建議,修改了男同性戀者延期捐血的規定。 在新的政策下,男同性戀和男雙性戀者可在性交後三個月即可捐血,而無須等上一年。


Jul 25.

Armed militia of gay men are fighting homophobic Isis in Syria. The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army, or TQILA – pronounced ‘tequila’ – has been set up with the motto: “These Faggots Kill Fascists!” In a statement released on Twitter, TQILA announced its intention to “smash the gender binary and advance the women’s revolution, as well as the broader gender and sexual revolution”.
武裝的男同志民兵正在敘利亞對抗恐同的伊斯蘭極端組織ISIS。簡稱TQILA的The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army的成立宗旨為「 這些娘炮殺死法西斯!」。該組織在推特上發布的聲明中,TQILA誓言打破性別二元,推進婦女革命以及更廣泛的性別和性革命。

 (Photo taken from @IRPGF twitter account)

Jul 27.

Heroic lesbian police officer gets medal of valor — from Trump. Capitol Police Special Agent Crystal Griner was one of five police officers to whom Trump presented the Medal of Valor, the nation’s highest honor for public safety personnel, for their response to the June 14 shooting at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. They helped take down the gunman, who had shot and wounded U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise and some congressional staffers, and the officers also prevented further injuries.
英勇的女同性戀警察從川普手中獲頒勇士榮譽勳章。國會警察特務Crystal Griner是被川普表揚的五位警務人員之一。該勛章為美國國家公共安全人員最高榮譽。6月14日在弗吉尼亞州亞歷山大的國會棒球練習中,他們成功擊斃試圖槍害美國參議院議員Steve Scalise和其他國會工作人員的槍手,並阻止更多的人命傷亡。





Jul 21.

LGBT event in China’s “Gay Capital” forced to cancel. A planned LGBT conference in China was forced to cancel this week, despite the event taking place in the country’s “gay capital.” Despite that known opposition to LGBT rights, many young people were still surprised by the event being canned, as Chengdu is known as “gaydu,” or “the city of the gays,” because of its liberal stance on homosexuality.


Jul 25.

Hong Kong's biggest book fair forced a Taiwan stall to remove 'explicit' LGBT books. Nine LGBT-related books have been yanked from the shelves of the annual Hong Kong Book Fair banned after being labeled “indecent.” Taiwanese publisher G Books (基本書坊) was participating in the annual book fair for the second time and selling 15 titles from the Taiwan Indie Publishers Alliance stall.

Jul 26.

Trump announces ban on trans service members on anniversary of military desegregation. On the 69th anniversary of President Harry Truman desegregating the military, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce that anyone who identifies as transgender will be banned from serving in the armed forces. In the meanwhile, powerful Republicans oppose Trump’s trans military ban, including Senator John McCain. Democrats and LGBT advocates were unanimous in their opposition to the decision.
川普在廢止軍事歧視的紀念日當天宣布禁止跨性別軍人繼續服務。在杜魯門總統廢除軍中種族歧視的六十九週年之際,川普透過推特宣布,所有以跨性別自居的人士將被禁止在武裝部隊中任職。 與此同時,勢力強大的共和黨人員堅決反對此項軍事命令,包括參議員麥凱恩。 民主黨和LGBT維護者一致反對這一決定。

Jul 31.

Nigerian police arrest 42 gay men for seeking HIV testing and counseling. Police in Lagos State raided the Vincent Hotel Saturday around 3:30 p.m., reports Punch magazine, detaining at least 42 people. Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian LGBT rights activist, told Reuters that the "act" was receiving HIV testing, counseling, and education. The men are now awaiting trial. Homosexuality, including LGBT events and organizations, has been banned in this central African nation since 2014, and police have aggressively arrested gay and bisexual men since; punishments include up to 14 years in prison and public whippings.
尼日利亞警方逮捕了42名尋求愛滋病毒檢測和諮詢的男同志。Punch雜誌報導指出,周六下午3:30左右, 警方在拉各斯州突擊搜查Vincent Hotel酒店,並拘留了至少42人。日利亞LGBT社運人士Bisi Alimi告訴路透社說,當局所謂的「同志行為」是接受愛滋病毒檢測、諮詢和教育。 這些男人現在正在等待審判。 自2014年以來,這個中非共和國國家禁止同性戀,包括LGBT活動和組織。警方一直積極地逮捕了同性戀和雙性戀的男子。 懲罰包括長達十四年的監禁和公開鞭刑。





"In a Heartbeat" - Animated Short Film by Beth David and Esteban Bravo
A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.

由Beth David和Esteban Bravo制作的溫馨動畫短片- 「心動」。





43 celebrities you didn’t know were LGBT




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