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Queerious Taiwan is an ongoing bilingual project that aims to celebrate diversity and bridge gaps between English-speaking and Chinese-speaking members of the LGBT community in Taiwan. 


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About This Site

Queerious Taiwan is an ongoing project that aims to embrace and bridge various elements of the Taiwanese LGBT community: up-to-date news and vibrant pop culture, Chinese-language and English-language content, and amplifying the voices of all manner of people in the rainbow of queer Taiwan. What started as an inkling among friends discussing the need for more bilingual sources and news translation grew into a fully-fledged, cooperative effort to be the ones to fill that gap, with teams of contributors producing and translating posts celebrating the diversity of the people visiting and living in this island nation.

Queerious Taiwan酷兒思台灣是一個如火如荼進行中的計畫,旨在透過最即時的新聞、充滿活力的流行文化與中英文的雙語內容,和台灣LGBTQ社群中各式各樣成員的聲音,來擁抱,並橋接台灣LGBT社群中的各種落差。一開始,只是一群朋友討論雙語資訊與新聞來源的匱乏,隨後卻演變成大家起身協力填補該不足 - 不同小組的貢獻者合作產出、翻譯內容,以歡慶造訪這座島國的人們的多樣性。

Along with providing the latest news on happenings affecting LGBT folks in Taiwan, Queerious emphasizes giving a space for queer people and allies from all walks of life to tell their stories. Whether it be reactions to current events, tales of coming out and getting to know the community, inspiring stories of love and family, or raw portraits of darker times in life, we want your message to be heard.



Queerious seeks to break with convention by publishing honest, wide-ranging topics, from sex positivity to healthcare issues and intersectional pieces. This blog also actively promotes businesses inclusive of LGBT people and friends, helping to build networks of positive, welcoming faces and spaces across the island.

Queerious期待能藉由直率地探討廣泛議題,如正向性觀念、醫療保健,以及多元交織(intersectional)的評析,來挑戰常規。 這個部落格並且積極宣揚擁抱LGBT與其朋友的企業,以在島上促成一個充滿正向、歡迎面孔與空間的網絡。

Have some breaking news, your own business, or want to contribute a compelling story? You can contact us at taiwan.lgbt.blog@gmail.com

有突發新聞、想談談你的公司,或是想貢獻一個吸睛的故事嗎? 您可以透過taiwan.lgbt.blog@gmail.com與我們聯繫。


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Alexis G

Malaysian. Mid Gen-Xer. In Taiwan since Aug 2011. Loves everything Taiwanese except stinky tofu. Full-time Booknerd/TV addict. Fresh Ph.D. Freelance Translator/Writer. Introvert. Multilingual. Knowledge Junkie. Improv Home Cook. Pragmatic Skeptic. Always thinking about love, life & death, and life after death. Actively looking for a job so that she can stay as she can't imagine living in another country. [Chief-Editor, Columnist, Translator, Editor]





An aspiring author with a passion for fantasy. Dragons, unicorns, and fairies are wonderful creatures that help us look at life through a different lens. He loves fantasy novels, comics, games, movies, art... all of it really. [Columnist, Editor]


Volts Chi

Volts is a social worker, strongly interested in people and interpersonal relationships. Currently studying for his master’s degree, he is also a part-time lecturer and a team leader. He enjoys writing and singing, deems himself more of a thinker than an intellectual, and hopes to bring his audience to the world of his imagination through words. [Columnist]


Andrew W

An introverted bookworm from New Taipei City, Taiwan. Having devoted his college life to mastering English and French, he has achieved his goal to be a professional translator. Distastes typical cheesy Hollywood Ugh love movies but enjoys the laughter found in stand-up comedies. Wants to experience more in life through traveling, eating, reading and writing. [Translator, Editor]



Kurtis is a die-hard gaming geek with a Masters's degree in game design from LA. He wants people to play games with him all the time. He also enjoys watching people play or have a serious discussion about games. Watching how his friends scheme, conspire and manipulate while trying to win somehow stokes the evil in him. Further, he is the emotional host of the LGBTQIA+ Meetups. Everyone has a love-hate relationship with his feigned nonchalance. [Illustrator, Translator]

Kurtis是個無可救藥的遊戲宅,在美國洛杉磯領過一張遊戲設計系碩士的畢業證書。總是希望大家陪他玩遊戲,也愛看人玩遊戲,或跟人研究遊戲。玩桌遊時熱愛解說規則的工作,看著自己的朋友們爾虞我詐地在桌上廝殺而產生邪惡的快感。他同時也是LGBTQIA+ Meetup 容易情緒大波動的主辦人,大家都拿他傲嬌的個性沒辦法。[插圖、翻譯]


Joy is a low glycemic coach and runs her own online business. She loves to meet new friends and learn new things. She travels to the US every year for market updates and holidays. She just expands her business to Malaysia recently. Weekend flea markets are where she loves to hunt for hidden treasures. She really likes the LGBTQIA+ Meetup family. She is a foodie so feel free to exchange your personal foodie list with her!! [Translator]

Joy是一名低升糖飲食課程教練,有自己的電商生意。喜歡認識新朋友學東西。每年都會跑美國進修順便度假,最近也常到馬來西亞拓展生意。熱愛在週末到各大小市集挖寶參加文青活動,非常喜歡LGBTQIA+ Meetup group這個大家庭。是個吃貨,歡迎大家跟我分享你的口袋美食清單。[翻譯]


Serves as an all-time thinker who focuses greatly on peripheral details and where to get the best sales and deals, Lili brings joy by preaching useless facts and coupon information. She loves to have halloumi cheese while watching sakte-TV with a beer in one hand and a book in another. Nothing makes her a workaholic. [Translator, Editor]

Lili是一位全職思想家,關注於非主流的文化現象以及研究最實惠的經濟模型,因此他總藉由冷知識和折價券來散播愛與歡笑。他嗜讀好飲又愛吃,同時也熱衷於一種紀錄長途火車行駛過程的電視節目。你不用想說他會變成工作狂 --- 至少這輩子是不會。[翻譯、編輯]

LeeWang, Ching

Ching is an introvert who's either struggling with crushes or busy thinking about saving the world. He believes that by connecting people, amazing things happen organically- maybe that's why he is the founding organizer of Taipei LGBTQ Social Group Meetup. Naomi Klein is his favorite author. [Editor]

清是個如果沒在小情小愛裡掙扎,就是在忙著想如何拯救世界的內向性格者。他相信只要連結人們,美妙的事就會自然發生,也許就是這個原因才創辦了台北LGBTQI社交聚會吧。最喜歡的作家是Naomi Klein。[編輯]


A high-functioning alcoholic who’s afraid of oversharing on the internet, and yes Jess is aware of the irony that she’s literally uploading videos of herself onto YouTube while attempting to maintain the illusion of privacy. Don’t bug her about it. [Columnist]

 Jess 是個明明一邊想完全避免留下數位足跡,一邊又忍不住想全部講出來的意志不堅之人。閒暇時間都花在調酒和拍調酒影片上。[專欄作者]


Marika is a queer vegan kiwi girl who loves writing everything except bios about herself. She is new to Taiwan and is not sure if she ever wants to leave. She loves to hike, dance, and hang out at cafes, and needs to sleep far more than she currently does. She is wondering why this is starting to sound like a dating profile and would like to stop writing this now.  [Columnist, Editor]



Wei Chen

Wei is from Taipei, Taiwan. Went to the UK for grad school after 2 years of working as he realized he has more than 30 years of rat race ahead of him. Now armed with his Masters, he’s looking for a good successful job, as expected by the society. A self-proclaimed relationship non-conductor. Highly dependent on the companionship of friends yet enjoys traveling alone. Traveling is the best nutrition for his soul. Oh, and volleyball too. [Translator, Editor]


Wei 來自台北,畢業於商學院,為了逃避現實,工作兩年後到英國拿了一個碩士,現在正在人海中載浮載沉的追尋一個世人認為成功的工作。感情絕緣體,但極度依賴朋友陪伴,卻又矛盾的享受一個人的旅行,走過近30個國家,旅遊是人生中最不可或缺的精神糧食,對了,排球是另一項生活重心。[翻譯、編輯]

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